Thursday, July 19, 2012

Weekend Getaway

Tomorrow the husband and I are taking off for a weekend getaway!  Just the two of us!  My friend, Jenny, has a bridal shower in Overland Park, KS on Saturday, so we're going to take advantage and spend the whole weekend up there.  Nana is graciously coming down to watch Caleb so he will have lots of fun hanging out with her (or more like making her chase him around all day...).  We're looking forward to doing some things we don't normally get to do.  Like maybe go to a movie!  In a theater!  What's that like?  I don't remember.  It's been at least 11 months.  And even that one time I went, Caleb didn't let me finish it.  I am so stoked.  We're going to go out to eat and celebrate our 7 year "dating anniversary".  Best 7 years of my life.  :) 

Anyway, I'm so excited to have some time away with my hubby.  And to see my soon-to-be-married friend!!  And Caleb is excited to have some time at home with Nana.  :)   


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