Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Playing Catch Up

Well, I guess I just haven't been in the blogging spirit lately.  I've wanted to, but I guess I just didn't know what to do after my cousin passed away.  We have had lots of fun things going on and it is my favorite time of year.  Pretty much from September to December I am in love (and even January and February, especially if it snows).  I'd like to get back on schedule and do have a little a lot to catch up on.

Here are the highlights as of late:

- Trip to Chicago: lots more on that
- 25th birthday: had while in Chicago, I first typed my 23rd birthday, wow, I guess the last 2 years have gotten away from me.  :)
- Fall is here!  Hooray!
- Braschler fam was in town for nephew, Jack's 1st birthday
- Trip to Wichita for funeral. Special football game where my youngest cousin got to wear his brother's jersey and lead the team on to the field.
- Fall decorations up at home
- Weeklong class at work for me with some 12+ hour days.  Glad that's over.
- Caleb pooped on the recliner.  Yes, it happened.
- War Eagle Craft fair with sis-in-law last weekend!
- Blessings for Nick at work
- Lunch date with Nick at the Wooden Spoon - best food ever.  E.V.E.R.
- Where has October gone?

Well, that's the latest in a list (lists are my favorite).  Looking forward to more apple cider/hot chocolate drinkin-blanket snuggling-movie watching-pumpkin patching-2nd birthday-leaves a turnin-cooler weather-candles burning-fall fun!!

I will post about our trip to Chicago ASAP. :)


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