Friday, November 30, 2012

Chicago Trip: Day 5 - Baseball game, Cardinals vs. Cubs & A Bachelorette Party

Day 5 was probably Nick's favorite day.  We were graciously given tickets to the Cubs-Cardinals baseball game and fulfilled a life long dream for my sweet husband.  And Caleb is a big baseball fan, hence the baseball party. 

We went early to get to watch some of the batting practice and warm-up, and to try to get some autographs.  

Before the game, we went right down by the dugout and watched them warm up.

Mark McGuire...

and Yadi...

and the coach Mike Mahoney...

and Matt Holliday...

I thought these little boys were so cute to watch.  I'm sure this was probably a once in a lifetime memory they will never forget.  The players were all pretty good about making sure they stopped and signed some autographs for these little ones.

Here is Nick's favorite, David Freese.

This is Nick and Caleb getting Skip Schumaker's autograph.  Pretty cool.

And getting coach, Mike Matheny's autograph.  Funny story: Coach wrote something that looked like a verse reference and Nick asked what it was and Matheny said, "Uh, it's a Bible verse." and looked at Nick like duh - haven't you ever heard of a Bible?  haha.  Nick was really trying to ask which verse it was, but it wasn't quite understood.  He wanted to say, "Wait!  I'm a Chaplain!  I know what a Bible verse is!"  But it was too late.  I was cracking up.

While we were waiting for chances to get autographs, we unfortunately ran out of gummy snacks and little man wasn't a happy camper.  But he did snuggle for a quick second and so we caught it on camera.

And this is Adrian Chambers signing our baseball...

and this guy too... (sorry! can't remember his name!)

We had a lot of fun making this family memory.  It started to rain and get cold, but luckily we were under the overhang and stayed dry!

Little man finally gave in to sleep.

Had to break out Peekaboo Barn for a little bit.

The people behind us were so sweet and came prepared for the cold front that swept in.  They let Caleb borrow some gloves and he had a blast giving everyone "the claw" and roaring like a bear.  

After the game, we headed west of Chicago and I went to my friend's bachelorette part while the guys hung out at the hotel.  

Chicago Trip: Day 4 - Children's Museum & Navy Pier

The Navy Pier was probably one of my favorite days.  There were all kinds of things to look at and do at the Navy Pier.  Lots of shopping, places to eat, a children's museum, rides, and a beautiful view.

We started off by checking out a few shops and walking around.  We grabbed an Auntie Anne's pretzel because I got a free one for my birthday week! 

We walked all around and then took a ride on the Merry Go Round.  Caleb loved it and every time we came around to Nick, he would wave excitedly and say, "Hi Daddy, hi Daddy, hi Daddy...".  It was pretty cute.  The operator was kind enough to let us and the other child who was on the ride go around a few extra times since no one else was around.

We finished our loop of Navy Pier and walked to Pizzeria Uno for lunch.  We had heard this was another favorite of the Chicago-style deep dish pizza and it was pretty tasty.  I would have to say my favorite was definitely Giordano's, but I sure wouldn't turn down another slice of Pizzeria Uno.  :)

We did a little shopping/window looking down Michigan Avenue while Caleb napped in the stroller.  We walked up and down it all, even stopped in the Hershey's store - yum!  (didn't buy anything though).  We also made a stop at the Disney store.  I can see how parents want to buy all kinds of stuff for their kiddos.  We did get a small Buzz and Woody from Toy Story which is Caleb's absolute favorite movie series (and Mommy's too).  :)  He loved playing with Buzz & Woody.  It was kind of our first glimpse of him playing pretend and it was so cute to watch.

Then we headed back to the Navy Pier for the Children's Museum.  This was definitely one of the highlights for us.  On Thursdays, they have family day and from 5-8 pm, families get in free!  We just happened to make it work that we were there on a Thursday.  We waited outside with Buzz & Woody for a little bit before 5:00.  

Caleb had an absolute ball.  There was finally a place he could run free in with little to no restraints.  He loved it!  And we loved watching him.  His favorite area was the water room.  They even had cute little raincoats for the kids so they wouldn't get their clothes all wet.  Awesome.  This is also the place that he started counting to 10 all on his own!  They had an area that was a treehouse, a fire station, a water room, an insect area (not actual insects, but you could dress up as one), music room, inside of a playhouse, etc.  It was really cool.

Digging for dinosaur bones.

Found one!

After the museum, we headed to Bubba Gump Shrimp for dinner.  We weren't terribly hungry, so we just split an appetizer.

We headed back to the hotel on the L and were totally wiped out by the time we got there.  It was an awesome day.