Wednesday, November 14, 2012

Caleb's 2nd Birthday

Warning: LOTS of pictures.  :)

We are now the proud parents of a 2 year old!  Wow, time has sure flown these last two years.  I am so grateful for my little boy who makes me smile all the time, especially at times like last night and this morning he would grab my face and give me lots of kisses.  :)  I will try to remember that forever.

We celebrated the big 2 with a baseball birthday party.  It had been a long, hard week at our house and we were glad to have something to celebrate and family in town.

Mom, Grandma and my sister Hollie all helped with the "cup"cake field.  The dirt was made with crushed graham crackers and the rest with icing, except for the baseball stripes, which Mom made with Twizzlers pull n peel.

Nick went out and bought this pinata, because really, what's a party without one.  And, what 1 and 2 year olds don't know how to do a pinata.  hehe.  He made it into a Giants baseball player because that's the team that beat the Cardinals in the playoffs.  I think he just wanted an excuse to hit a Giants player.  

There were a lot of things I wanted to do for his party, but like I said, it was a tough week before and he is only turning two, so I think it would have been more for me anyway.  :)  We kept it pretty simple.  

My sweet hubby made this sign.  

The grill master.

The supervisor.

My wonderful helpers!

Sisters.  (missed you Julie!)

These sweet friends live in Kansas City, but were in Rogers visiting Antony's family so they made the trip to Siloam to celebrate with us!  So glad we got to see them and baby Layla.

There's Nick with "Big" Caleb.

There's the birthday boy!!  (I know, you were wondering if there were any pictures of him.)  

He got Woody from Aunt Robyn & Uncle Tyler from their trip and loves him.  Woody goes everywhere.  Once he opened that gift, he didn't even care about the others.  

He also got a little baseball tee so we all played with that for awhile while Uncle Tyler manned the pinata.  It was a beautiful day out!

Here is Caleb's friend, Emerson taking a swing.  

And cousin Jack...

What would we do without 3 toddlers to keep us entertained??

Caleb's great grandparents all came down for the party too!  (We missed Great Grandpa Willis though! - only one that couldn't make it).

Finally, Nick got a turn.  This was the moment he had waited for all weekend.  :)

Nana had to finish the job.

The boys.  And Woody.

At church the next morning.  Don't you think that Cardinals jacket is the cutest?  Nick's grandparents bought that for them and I love it!

Caleb also got a new bike which he tested out.  We're getting the hang of it - currently he just dances to the music that it plays. 

Another great gift was the broom.  This boy loves to sweep.  

And my sweet cousin, Steph, took pictures again of the day and this is the gift I cherish to receive each year. I love how she documents all of these moments and I'm so glad to have them caught.  

Underwear for potty training!

Sweet cousin Jack.

Sporting the new jacket.  :)

He was more than ready to take his shirt off when we mentioned it!  haha.


So thankful for him.

Happy 2nd Birthday Caleb!  Mommy and Daddy love you so much!  


  1. VAL! I can't believe you have a 2 year old! You and your family are beautiful!

  2. Love all the pics! You and Nick make cute kids :) And I love the pics of all three boys in them. So cute.