Monday, November 26, 2012

Chicago Trip: Day 3 - Museum of Science & Industry, Movie, Chill, Millenium Park

On Day 3 in Chicago, we slept in to recover from our super full day 2, watched a family movie and took our time getting ready.  

Then we took a bus to the Museum of Science and Industry.  I have to say that although Caleb did awesome the rest of the trip, bus rides with a 1 yr old are no fun.  Especially when it gets crowded and we've emptied our bag of tricks.  Whew.  After we survived the bus ride there and back, we treated ourselves to another Chocolate Brownie cookie from Potbelly.  After the bus rides we had, it was definitely worth it.

We really weren't at this museum too awfully long, but they did have some really neat things to look at.  We got to check out this cool submarine from an actual war.

Each "wing" of the building had a cool theme - this one was extreme weather events.

This one was transportation.

This one was something cool too, just can't remember.

One section was on farming & agriculture.  Caleb loved the baby chickens.  (side note: yes, we now have 2 of our own at home that aren't so little anymore.  More on that later...) #itsinhisblood  #familybusiness

He was mesmerized.

Can you catch the common trend?  Caleb was barely tall enough to see over the edge of things.  

He wanted to push his stroller so badly and wouldn't let us touch it.  Wanted to be a big boy.  

Here's the only bus picture I got.  We are still smiling here.  :)  But I did think it was cute that Caleb was grabbing the bar like everyone else.  We only semi-survived the bus rides thanks to crackers, fruit snacks, iphone Peekaboo Barn, the Wheels on the Bus and counting.  

The rough bus ride warranted another Chocolate Brownie cookie and some milk.  

We took the opportunity afterward to stop by Millenium Park and see the famous Chicago bean.  

Can't find the picture at the moment so I will add it later.  :) 

Day 3 was a good day!  


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