Saturday, November 10, 2012

State Cross Country in Lawrence, a Fall Festival & Halloween

We headed up after work two weeks ago Friday to Olathe, KS to stay with the sweetest couple ever.  Nick lived with Lyle and Judy for 7 months during his internship before we got married and they have since moved to Olathe.  They graciously hosted us on short notice and let us stay the night.  Judy made us chocolate pie and we stayed up late catching up on life.  We really treasure them.  The next morning we woke up to the smells of cinnamon rolls, scrambled eggs and bacon for breakfast.  Yum!  I hope to be as gracious of hosts as they are.

We headed out to Lawrence, KS to surprise Nick's little brother, Jake, who had made it to state for cross country and was running Saturday morning.  He did awesome on a really tough course and we are so proud of him!  It takes a truly talented athlete to run a 5k in 17:33 with awful hills.  What a stud.  His mom and girlfriend, Bekah, and Bekah's family all made the trip.  We really love her and Caleb has a huge crush on her.  He can't say Jake's name without tagging Bekah on the end.  :)  After the race we ate lunch at Jefferson's on Mass street (don't I sound cool saying using the college lingo?). hehe.  Then we headed home.    And I talked to my mom for like 2 hours on the phone on the trip back.  Much needed momma talk.  :)

Jake with his sweet girlfriend Bekah and her parents to drove up to cheer him on!

They are so cute.  :)

Sunday evening we had a fall festival at church, so we brought along our little puppy who hates taking pictures with his ears on, so these are the only pics I got.  We ended the night by watching the Broncos thump the Saints in football.

On Halloween, our office lets all the kids of the employees there come trick or treat to all the desks.  Caleb got soooo much candy from this!  He loved it!  At first he'd just grab one piece and by the end he was using both hands grabbing huge handfuls!  We had to learn to turn it down a bit.  It was great!

All in all, it was a good weekend and we are so glad we were able to see Jake at his state meet.  Way to go Jake!


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