Monday, December 3, 2012

Chicago Trip: Days 6-7 - Wedding Rehearsal & Wedding Final Wrap Up

The entire reason for our trip to Chicago was my sweet friend, Jenny's, wedding.  I had the honor of being a bridesmaid and had so much fun being reunited with my sweet friends.  The wedding was on Sunday, so on Friday night, we had the bachelorette party at Jenny & Nathan's new home.  Her sisters did a great job of putting the party together and we played some games, ate yummy food and had a small devotion (where I talked for a few minutes - I just had a shaky voice and my body shook from head to toe because I am bad at giving talks, ha).  It was so fun to spend special time with these ladies.  I miss them and our reunions are getting fewer and farther between!

On Saturday, a majority of the bridal party met at Giordano's for some more Chicago style deep dish pizza.  Yum!  Then, I think we all just went back to our hotel rooms and took naps and got ready for the rehearsal which was later that night.

We had a great rehearsal and then had dinner at a delicious restaurant (great job Nathan! - supposedly he picked it out himself, including the menu).

Me, Amber & Em (who we found out on the trip got engaged earlier in the month! Another friend reunion in July!)

Here's what Caleb and Nick were up to while we were rehearsing:

The beautiful bride with her mom.

Jenny's sisters, the MOHs

Enjoying some rest before the rehearsal and dinner, hanging out with a belly full of pizza.

Wedding Day!!  It was such a beautiful wedding and Jenny looked stunning.  It all came together just perfectly and was a great day!  So happy for Jenny & Nathan!

The reception was at a country club and we were allowed to get ready there and then headed over to the church for the ceremony.  

Me and the beautiful bride.

Jenny & Nancy

Jenny & Nathan didn't see each other before the ceremony, but the photographer wanted to get a picture of them holding hands around this wall divider.  It was cute.

Me and Em!  The next bride-to-be!!

The girls. (minus Jenny & Lacey - we missed you Lacey - she was busy having a baby!)

Here's my little man all snazzed up for the wedding.  Didn't my hubby do a great job?

I just love this little guy.  :)

There are more photos by the photographer, Brittany Bekas.  It was such a great weekend and a beautiful wedding.  Congratulations Jenny & Nathan!!!  Thank you for letting me be a part of your day!!

We stayed the night at the hotel after the wedding and then headed out early in the morning for the long drive to Arkansas.  Thanks to a portable DVD player, books, and the new Buzz & Woody friends, we were golden.  :)

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  1. Love love love the pictures! So kind of Jenny to host a huge party on your birthday ;-) glad you had such a nice trip!