Wednesday, December 12, 2012

Christmas Train Fun

Last weekend we hit up the Christmas Train in Dry Gulch, OK (just northeast of Tulsa).  Let me tell you, it was awesome!!  I loved it!  I wasn't exactly sure what to expect, but it was so fun and probably a new annual Christmas tradition.  I had seen Nick's Aunt Jennifer post something about it last year on facebook and missed the window to get tickets.  Just a heads up, these tickets sell like hotcakes!  They go on sale early in November and usually sell out within 24 hours!  Seriously - it's that popular.  So what is it, you ask? It is this entire Christmas village slash western town that a church built.  I think they may use it as a summer camp in the summer and then in the winter they put on this Christmas Train event.  They had several restaurants, lights everywhere, a puppet show, a western show, Santa's palace, arcades, a carousel, fudge shop, coffee shop, bakery, fire pits all throughout, a ropes course, and more!  A few things were extra purchases on top of the ticket price (only $10), but for the most part, it included a lot of stuff.  My parents drove down and met us, Tyler, Robyn and Jack.  I think the boys loved it and the mommies loved it even more.  haha.  The main event is the ride on the train (which is an old fashioned engine).  It takes you on a ride and you hear about the story of the Bible.

We spent the entire evening there and didn't even do everything.  It was a lot of fun and I highly recommend it.  The place was decorated from head to toe, volunteers were everywhere in full costume (there had to be hundreds of volunteers there to pull this off), it was very well organized, everyone was so friendly, they even considered having a stroller check-in for families riding the train, I mean it was seriously great.  The weather was perfect too.  Not necessarily Christmas-y weather, but it was cool enough to enjoy a coffee while walking around, but also warm enough to not even really need a jacket.  Check it out next year if you can!

Waiting for the cute puppet show to start.

Here is the train station.

And the only picture I snapped of the train.

Caleb waiting in line for the train with Aunt Robyn.

I just love this pic of Caleb & Jack.  Waiting for the train to arrive.

All aboard!

After the train, we rode the carousel.  So much fun.

Robyn & Jack.

We wore this boy out!

And side note: we picked out and put up our tree the night before the Christmas Train.  Here are my big strong men.  :)

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  1. It looks so fun! I'll have to try to remember to look into that next year! I bet the boys loved it! Hope you are doing well :)