Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Letter to Myself

Nick was asked to speak at our church's youth event, Disciple Now (D-Now) in February.  As he's been preparing, he asked our Bible study group to write a letter to their middle/high school selves to get more insight on things he wanted to cover.  Being the good wife I always am (haha), I sent mine in.  I thought this was a great reflection and I wanted to document it here on the ol' blog since it is a place for our family memories.  I did mine in list form because I think best that way and I didn't think too much about the wording, just wrote down thoughts as they came to me.  

To my middle/high school self:

- Stick to your values - it's worth it

- You are not in control of your plans

- God is bigger than anything you may face and His way is better than any you can imagine

- You have no reason not to trust God - He's never failed you or anyone else

- Find quality friends and keep them - ones that build you up, challenge you, pray for you and care about bigger things than high school stuff.

- God's grace - you will never understand this, but this is one thing He will teach you over and over. You will see glimpses of it throughout your life and it is something you need to give more freely.

- Don't be a pharisee - legalistic

- Be a strong voice - stand up for what you believe in, or more importantly act like what you believe in

- Your sisters may be very different from you, but they will always be in your life - make it count.

- Your behavior and character reflect on your family

- You may not realize it, but people are always watching - especially as a Christian - watching to see what you do, what you say, how you act and talk

- Put your time and efforts into things that are eternal: God's Word and His people

- You will have an amazing husband and adorable son someday - make choices now that they would be proud of, that honor them

- Pray for your future husband - he needs it now and will need it in the future

- Savor every moment with your grandparents, that time will go quickly

- Study hard to get scholarships and work hard to save up because student loans are no fun.  

- Don't compromise your long-term goals and values for a short-term memory/temporary reason/in-the-moment decision

- Your parents do more for you than you will ever know.  Be thankful for them everyday.  You are very lucky to have parents that are still married and in love and who raised you in a Christian household.  You don't realize how rare this is.

- All those weekends that you stayed at home and hung out with your parents? Yeah, good choice because the people you could have been hanging out with were not making the best decisions.  Besides, it was way more fun to play games with your parents and grandparents and you laughed way harder than you would have.  :)  And you won't ever forget that.

You have a lot of blessings to look forward to.  Hang in there.  You will love college and you will be around people who believe a lot of the same things you do.  Also, On the Border will be good for you and teach you how to interact with people.  

And someday you will have 2 chickens in your backyard.  I know - shocking.  LOL

Your 25 yr old self
(I'm sure our 50 yr old self will have a lot to say to both of us)

What would you write to your younger self?  Is your life anything like what you had hoped or pictured?  Did you hit any of your goals: relationally, intellectually, emotionally, spiritually, physically?  Are there things you wish you would have done differently?  I know that all of our past decisions make us who we are today, but I also know that there are things that could have been done differently because we are humans and we mess up.  A lot.  Thank goodness for God's grace.  Here's hoping my 50 year old self will be proud of my 25 year old self.  :)

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  1. I loved reading this! That is a great letter and your wording is so spot on! Older and wiser ;-) hope those kids paid close attention!