Tuesday, January 22, 2013

The Girls

I'd like to introduce you to two more members of our growing animal family.  These are "the girls."  We got these chickens back in September as little baby chicks.  Nick wanted them for their eggs.  Haha - that sentence sounds funny.  :)  He is also using them as fertilizer for the garden area.  I can't remember what kind they are, but Nick knows.  He did his research.  Caleb LOVES the chickens.  Everyday when we get home, he goes to check on them and play with them and lets them out to roam the yard.  Their names are Bernadette and Penny (Big Bang Theory TV show reference), but we more affectionately call them the girls. And I have to say that I like them too, even though I didn't want to.  It's fun to watch my boys get so excited about the animals.  And the girls really like them too.

Here's Caleb shaking their food tray to get them to come over.

Whenever we're outside, they run over to us and just follow us around the yard.

Here is the chicken coop and roost Nick made for them.  That little hatch is so we can reach in and collect the eggs.  They haven't started laying yet, but probably will here in the next few weeks.  We read somewhere that when the thing on the top of their head and beak turns bright red, that means they're ready.

I have to say that we favor the darker one (Bernadette).  The lighter one (Penny) is a little skittish.

In this picture, Caleb is saying, "Mere girls, mere," which means "Come here girls, come here." 

Thankfully, the girls are quiet and do really well in the cold temperatures (both things Nick researched when he was making his decision).  Next thing you know, we'll have a cow in the backyard!  haha.  Actually, there are cows across the street, so we can still hear and smell them which is a close as it's gonna get for awhile.  Someday maybe we'll have a small farm to call our own.  I do love seeing my boys happy.


  1. They are so much bigger than they were a few months ago! Let's hang out soon.. you need to come see our house :)

  2. So cool! You guys are the coolest parents ever!