Monday, March 25, 2013

Crazy Weekend: DNOW & An ER Visit

In my last post, I mentioned that there was an ER visit that happened.  I also mentioned here that Nick was the speaker for the DNOW weekend at our church that same weekend.  DNOW stands for Disciple Now and is an awesome weekend for the youth that involves groups (separated by grade and gender) staying in houses of church members.  They play crazy games, eat good food, have big group sessions and small group sessions.  This year the topic was on relationships.  Nick was honored to be asked to be the speaker for the three big group sessions.  One on Friday night and two on Saturday.  He spent a lot of time preparing his messages.  And I am so proud of him.  I see so clearly how God gifted Nick with the spiritual gift of teaching.  He's good at it.  Only because of God's grace.  I am so thankful that he asked if he could run through all three of his talks on the Thursday night before it started because Friday is where things got interesting.  

You all know from my last post that we have recently experienced two miscarriages.  I also mentioned that physically, miscarriage is a process and not just a quick occurence.  Without going into too much detail, when you are pregnant, your HCG (or beta) quant levels are supposed to be doubling every 48 hours (or so at least in the first trimester).  When the doctor suspects a miscarriage is happening, one of the things they do besides an ultrasound, is to take your blood and check your levels.  If the numbers are increasing as they should, then they aren't concerned about the baby.  If your numbers are decreasing or staying the same, then they suspect that a miscarriage is occuring.  So, typically (at least in our two experiences with it) there is a week that I considered the actual miscarriage happening.  But they have to follow your levels down to zero to make sure there won't be any complications in the future and to make sure your body has taken care of things on its own (as is usually the case).  This can take days or weeks or months.  With the first one my numbers got down to zero within less than a week.  With the second one, it took a month and a half.  My numbers were just taking their sweet time going down.  So, my little ER visit happened about a month after the initial miscarriage part, while we were still waiting for my numbers to go down.

 Around lunchtime at work on Friday, I started to get a severe pain in my lower abdomen and ended up being taken home by my boss (after feeling like I would pass out or be sick and laying on the floor by my desk - very professional).  I tried to take a nap and sleep it off.  A few hours later I decided to have Nick take me to our work clinic to get checked out since it was Friday and I wanted to get checked out before the weekend.  I was still having severe pain, could barely walk, was light-headed, dizzy and short of breath.  The clinic got me right in and decided to send me to the hospital for an outpatient ultrasound.  On my way out of the clinic I passed out.  Nick and the nurse practitioner were luckily right beside me to catch me as I went down.  

At this point, Nick and I were getting pretty worried and a little scared about what was going on.  Mind you, Nick was supposed to be speaking at DNOW in just a few hours.  The nurse practitioner called the ER and told them to expect us and told us to go there directly from the clinic.  So we did.  Anyway, we spent most of the rest of the day at the ER getting several tests run.  Our sweet pastor's wife came and sat with me while Nick went to do his first session and then he came right back.  We both decided it was important for him to go.  We got to go home around midnight.  While we were there they mentioned that I was an "interesting case" - not something you want to be referred to as.  The short story is that it was deemed endometritis, or infection after miscarriage.  There were some other things going on, but I won't bore you with the details.  

The doc put me on two antibiotics and some pain medicine.  I had a follow up appointment with my doc and thankfully he gave me the go ahead for the family vacation to the Dominican Republic that my parents were taking us on the next week.  The days after that ER visit felt like I had been through surgery.  I was in so much pain for several days.  My parents are rockstars and came down early early Saturday morning to help with Caleb and other household stuff so Nick could speak at DNOW and I could rest.  My mom did laundry and cleaned my fans and vacuumed and was amazing.  My dad played with Caleb and kept him from jumping all over me.  My sweet brother-in-law dropped everything Friday night to come pick up Caleb from daycare and hang out with him til we got home.  He even offered to stay the night in case I had another episode and we needed to leave in the middle of the night.  

Our church family was awesome as well.  With many people stopping in to the hospital to check on us and calling and praying and providing meals,  We were overwhelmed by the support and encouragement of everyone around us.  I took a day off work to stay home, worked a half a day then worked a full day.  I think that full day did me in.  Thursday was a terrible day.  I was in pain and worn out. My co-worker asked if I was ok and I pretty much just burst into tears.  She made me go home (thankfully).  And I just cried and cried and then took a three hour nap.  Sometimes crying and sleeping really is the best medicine.  After that, I felt so much better.  Friday was like a whole new day.  Which was perfect timing because we were leaving for Wichita on Saturday.  

Anyway, I am feeling perfectly fine now and back to normal.  The rest of Nick's weekend sessions went perfectly and I think a lot of students were greatly impacted by the whole weekend.  


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