Friday, March 8, 2013

February Roundup

Well it has been quite the month here at the Braschler house. Here is a quick rundown of what February consisted of:

A dear family friend of ours from Gravette passed away at the first of the month. She lived a long, full life and was one of the sweetest ladies I know. Nick sang at her funeral.

The next weekend Mom and Dad came down for a quick visit to hang with Caleb.

Nick was gearing up to speak at a weekend youth event at our church called D-NOW. He spent a lot of time preparing and practicing his material. The event was Feb 15-17. He was the speaker and had 3 sessions to prepare for. I got to hear him go through all three on Thursday night as he was practicing. I'm so proud of him and I love to see how God works through him.


Spent 9 hours in the ER Friday night - same weekend that Nick had his DNOW event. Mom and Dad came down Saturday and Sunday to help out.

Headed to the Dominican Republic a week later for a Goetz family vacation! Caleb got to spend the week playing with his cousin Jack. (Special thanks to my SIL & BIL for taking such good care of him). It was an amazing week of rest, relaxation, family time and awesome memories.


More on the trip and the ER visit coming up.

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  1. You packed a lot in for saying February's the shortest month of the year ;-) looking forward to vacation pictures! Hope you've had a good weekend!!