Tuesday, March 26, 2013

Update on "the girls"

Well, I have some sad news about our two chickens.  We are now chicken-less, unfortunately.  Pretty soon after I wrote this post, Bernadette (the darker one - our favorite) died.  It had been a rainy day and Nick said when he put both of them in their roost that night, she was acting kind of funny.  The next morning he went out there and she was dead.  It was a sad morning.  Nick was pretty bummed.  When Caleb got home from daycare that night, he kept asking, "Where other chicken go?", so Nick told him that the chicken got sick and died.  He said "Oh, ok" and went about his business.  haha.

Then last week, I came home for lunch and decided to open the blinds to let some sunshine in and was greeted by the sight of a big white dog, unfamiliar to me, standing in our backyard, surrounded by feathers.  Yikes.  Sometimes we would let Penny (the red/orange chicken) roam around the backyard and help fertilize things, so she happened to be out and about that day.  I quickly grabbed my phone and told Nick something bad had happened.  As I was talking to him, I saw two other dogs who had been in our backyard, leave out through some apparently loose boards in the back of the fence.  Now we knew how they got in there.  Well, I opened the door to the backyard and tried to yell at the big white dog and scare him off and he wouldn't budge.  In fact, he sat right down and proceeded to play with our poor dead chicken.  So I decided I wasn't going to mess with him because who knows what he might do.  So I opened the gate to our backyard that opens on the side of the house, just so he might leave.  By the time I had to go back to work, the dogs were all gone, so I went and put a board up to block the hole in the fence and closed the gate.

Ironically, Nick received this flyer in the mail when he got home that day:

What a cruel world.  haha.

So...that's the update on our chickens who are no more.  We may get some more baby chicks this spring and try it again.  The really sad part was that Penny was like days away from starting to lay eggs.  I guess it's all part of nature.  I sure hope next time goes a little better.

So long, girls.

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  1. I am so sorry to hear about their untimely demise. I wanted to try it, and saw some loose in our neighborhood the other evening, but Jesse was quick to put a stop to it ;)