Monday, April 22, 2013

Cousin Fun

Two weekends ago, my nephew Jack came and spent the day with us on Saturday.  The boys had lots of fun and were so excited to see each other.

They helped me do laundry...

Jack must have worn Caleb out, haha!

They watched a little Toy Story while I made lunch since it was rainy outside.

Jack was really cuddly that day, so I snuck in a few cuddles.  You can tell how happy he was about it in this picture.

He also did not want to nap anywhere else than with me.  Caleb even wanted to sleep in "Jack's bed", aka the pack n play, so Caleb napped there, but Jack didn't want to have anything to do with the crib.  haha.  He fell asleep with me rocking him and the pandora lullaby station playing.  When I was sure he was deeply asleep, I tried to make the transition and as soon as he touched down in the crib he was up.  I think I lost some aunt points with that, haha.  So he only got a 30 minute nap, silly boy.  But he sure was sweet and cute.

After naptime, we headed downtown to the park.  The boys had a ball and wanted to go in opposite directions.

We had lots of fun on this cousin day!  I'm so glad these boys get to play together and see each other on a regular basis!  It's a pretty special connection.


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