Thursday, April 25, 2013

Easter 2013

On Easter weekend we made a last minute decision to go to Wichita and see the family.  We really didn't have anything going on here and it is always nice to be with family during the holidays.  We were staying with Nick's family, so we let them know we were coming and we surprised my parents.  My parents were helping out with the Easter Sun Run so we decided to just show up there.  Caleb loved all the attention he got from the high school girls who painted his face.

He wasn't too sure about the bunny, but it helped that Papa was holding him.

That afternoon, we went to a church near Todd & Claudia's neighborhood that has a HUGE, massive egg hunt every Easter.  They make a big event out of it with free hotdogs, a petting zoo, inflatables and all kinds of stuff.  It was a lot of fun.

They even handed out free sunglasses.  

Not sure how a bright purple gorilla in a dress fits in, but she was handing out free candy so we were all for it. Well, Caleb wasn't too sure, haha.

He loved the egg hunt and loved opening the eggs for candy afterward.  

It was such a fun day with beautiful weather and great company!  

That night, Wichita State was playing in the March Madness tournament Elite Eight round to get in to the Final Four.  We were all pretty stoked and had a blast watching the game together.  It was so intense!  WSU won!  Go Shox!

After the game, we did some egg hunting inside Nana and Papa's house.  Uncle Jake did what all good uncles do and put some broccoli in some of the eggs.  Haha.  Caleb was hilarious to watch with that.  He would open it up and say, "Uncle Jake!  Broccowi candy!"

We went to church on Easter morning.  Here is the best picture I could get of me and my boy.

And we got to see Jake's girlfriend, Bekah.  Although Caleb likes to argue that she is his girlfriend.  Or "girlpend" as he likes to say.  

After church and lunch, we had another little egg hunt outside of Nana's house.  By this point. Caleb was a pro at hunting eggs.  He was loving it. 

Hunt was followed up with sidewalk chalk and bubbles.  What a lucky boy.

All the activity wore this boy out!

We are so glad we made the trip up.  It was so much fun and I think Caleb had a spectacular weekend!  Easter is such a special time of year and I am constantly amazed at the sacrifice God made in sending His Son, Jesus Christ to die on the cross for our sins.  I feel like my heart is learning more and more in little bits at a time about what grace looks like.  I have so much work to do in understanding and giving grace, but I am so grateful for his wonderful example of grace.  He is Risen!


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