Thursday, April 4, 2013

Grandma Braschler's Punch

Ok, I'm about to share with you the best punch ever.  I first had this punch when Nick's Uncle Paul married Merissa and it was so good that I couldn't stop drinking it.  (No, it wasn't spiked, haha).  It was so good, in fact, that I knew I had to have it for our wedding.  So we did.  And I also made it for Caleb's 1st birthday.
This is also the punch I will be making for my sister's baby shower that we are throwing in a couple of weeks.  The great thing about this punch is that you can switch up the color to be whatever you'd like.  The key to the color is the kool-aid packets.  For Caleb's party, we used blue and for our wedding we used pink.  I will be using pink for the baby shower as well since I am getting a niece!

Here's the recipe:

This will serve up to 75 (for our wedding we multiplied this recipe by 5 and had plenty leftover, for Caleb's party we halved it and had plenty leftover).

10 pkgs of Kool Aid (We wanted pink so used 5 pink lemonade and 5 reg lemonade, but can use whatever color you want).
10 cups of sugar
Add water as indicated on the Kool Aid package
2- 6 oz. cans of Welch's Strawberry Breeze Frozen Juice
2- 6 oz cans of Frozen Pink Lemonade
1 large can White Grape Juice
l large can of Juicy Juice Kiwi Strawberry Juice
When ready to serve add Gingerale to mixture.

Grandma B. makes an ice ring in a jello mold of the punch and add fresh fruit to it if you would like. I really love the ice ring because it keeps the punch cold without watering it down and as it melts, and the fruit floats in the punch and makes it look fancier.  For my sister's shower I am thinking about slicing up oranges and putting them in the beverage dispenser (I got one for Christmas!) to float with raspberries.  This punch is amazing.  Keep in mind that you need a huge bucket or pot or something to mix it in and I keep empty apple juice or other juice containers to keep it in after I make it.

Enjoy!  Thanks Grandma B.!

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  1. YUM! I can't wait to try this!! Thanks for sharing!