Friday, April 19, 2013


Let me introduce you to Mac.  Or Mack as Nick likes to spell it.  Like a Mack truck.

This is the boys' new calf.  Last weekend, Nick helped a family friend of ours (from church and Simmons) work some cows and they came across this little guy who was about two weeks old and his mama had abandoned him.  He was eating grass instead of his mama's milk.  Brent was talking about how they'll have to find someone to take care of him and bottle feed him and check on him twice a day.  Nick volunteered to be that person and was looking forward to helping out and looking after the little guy.  Brent thought that was a great idea and said, "Why don't we just make that Caleb's calf?".  Nick politely declined and said he would just help out but Brent insisted.  And the boys were so glad he did.  They have been taking great care of Mack and it looks like the little guy is doing pretty well.  Caleb loves helping his daddy is is always so excited to go see Mack.

On his way to take care of Mack.  He's got his boots on and farm shirt and Razorback hat.  He is mid-"cheese!" here as he usually is when I tell him to look at the camera.  :)  

We gotta get these boys a farm.  Or at least some land.  

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  1. He's sooooo adorable!! I love that you're raising a country boy :)