Wednesday, April 24, 2013

Take Me Out to the Ball Game

Baseball season is upon us once again!  We love going to the Northwest Arkansas Naturals baseball games and they have started back up for the year!  Simmons has a suite, so we were lucky enough to get tickets and went with our friends, Jonathan and Rebecca (the ones who are having a little boy soon).  Caleb loves baseball, but Caleb does not love the mascot, Strike.  You see, Strike is a Sasquatch.  Yes, our Arkansas baseball team has a Sasquatch for a mascot.  Hilarious and weird, I know.  :)  Here is a picture:

Well, Strike came to visit us in the suite and Caleb was not a fan to say the least.  He was terrified.  And I guess I can't really blame him, that costume is pretty scary.  haha.  I had never seen him so scared.  Caleb had a death grip on me and would let me go the rest of the game.  He didn't want to go near Strike and the whole rest of the night, we had to keep Strike in our view so we could see where he was at all times.  Caleb liked it when Strike was down by the dugout and we were up high in the suite.  

Other than the whole Sasquatch thing, we really had a great time!  And the Naturals won!


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