Thursday, April 18, 2013

Teeny tiny mini baby shower

Sunday night at our Bible study, we had a teeny tiny mini baby shower for a couple that is in our small group.  They are having a baby boy in just a few short weeks.  I had fun making a cake for them.  It didn't take too much time.  I did run out of frosting though, so I improvised and spaced out the "decorative swirls".  haha.  I wanted to make an hombre effect so I just added food coloring to each layer until it felt right.  I made a few tissue paper poof balls and used a small part of the bunting that I'm using for my sister's baby shower that we're putting on this weekend.

We just had our group bring gifts to our normal Bible study, so it wasn't anything big, but just a small way to show some support.  


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