Thursday, May 23, 2013

Caleb Conversations

Nick: You wanna go take care of Mack?
Caleb: Yeah!
N: Mack Daddy!
C: Mack Ca-yeb!

After falling down
V: Are you ok?
C: I not cying.  I happy.

After pulling on the oven door (oven wasn't on thankfully), it opened unexpectedly, he fell
V: Are you ok?  Are you hurt?
C (crying, shakes head no)
V:  Did it just scare you?  I know, that was kinda scary.
C: I not scared.  I not cying.

While looking at our new chickens in the garage
C: Hi chicks!  (Grabs some bedding stuff, throws it in cage).
Dat good.  No more.

While at Panera eating breakfast with my friend, Emily:
C: Mommy!  I need go potty!
V: Ok, let's go!
C: Mommy!  Run!

Praying for dinner
V: Dear God,
C: Tank you por Mommy, Daddy, Strike, Dinosaurs, Baseball annnnd our.....I dunno know!
V: Our Jesus' name,
C: A-men!


  1. Love this post! So funny! I've been meaning to write down some of the funny things Emerson is saying too!