Friday, May 10, 2013

Family Vacation: Dominican Republic

The last week of February, we were able to take a Goetz Family vacation to the Dominican Republic for 5 days, 4 nights.  It was amazing.  My parents were generous enough to take the whole family (minus Caleb and my sister's then fiance, now husband) to celebrate their 30th anniversary a year and a half early.  :)  We stayed at a resort called the Riu Palace Macao.  It was beautiful and we loved it.  This was an adults only resort, so everyone was older and the atmosphere felt very relaxed and it didn't matter what you looked like in your bathing suit (all positives in my book).  haha.  There were lots of palm trees, spectacular white sandy beaches, delicious food and it was all-inclusive.  THANK YOU Mom & Dad!  

The airport in Punta Cana was so unique!  (Unless all Caribbean airports are like this...)  :)

We pulled into our resort...



This is where we had the buffet dinner.

Ahh, there's the sun and palm trees and beach we'd been waiting for!

The resort was beautiful and relaxing and wonderful.  The rooms were spacious and had little balconies.  The food was amazing and there was so much to choose from!  The resort had four different themed "restaurants" on site that you could make a reservation at.  We didn't quite know how the system worked for the first 2 days so we didn't get to try all four, but we did make it in to the Japanese restaurant and the Steakhouse (the steakhouse may or may not have taken a $5 bribe to get into).  They were delicious.  

There was a little hiccup in our check-in process where they tried to tell us we only had three rooms but had paid for four.  Thankfully it finally got sorted out after over an hour of back and forth.  It wasn't the best start to the vacation, but we all moved on and were on the beach soon after.  Our resort had lots of palm trees all over the beach and plenty of lounge chairs.  The staff was always checking on you and asking if you needed anything.  It was a nice break from reality.  Of course we missed our little boy, but it sure was nice to have a week away, especially after our crazy weekend the week before and our long couple of months.  

We pretty much just sat on the beach, read a book, and floated in the ocean the whole time.  We walked down the beach about a mile to do some shopping at some huts gathered on the sand and scored some sweet souvenirs. 

When the tide was high, the water was all the way up to the huts, splashing in!

These guys were making cigars.

Caleb stayed with Tyler and Robyn and his cousin Jack.  THANK YOU Robyn (& Tyler too!) for taking on two energetic toddlers all week!  

Here are some more pictures of our trip:

The guys: Brenden (Hollie's boyfriend), Nick and Dad

This is where we ate lunch at everyday.

This was our lunch view.  Beautiful.

The guys went on an excursion to go deep sea fishing.  Nick was so excited for this and really looking forward to it.  Unfortunately, it turned out to not be the best experience.  Brenden got sick pretty quickly into the four-hour trip and the guys didn't even get a bite.  The water was very choppy and rough and it was a pretty warm day.  It was a big bummer, but it didn't damper the trip!  They came back and napped for the afternoon.  I think it wore them out.

Love my parents!

Dad was so tired, haha.  

We thought this was hilarious.  Every evening, the hotel staff left a towel swan in the bathroom, and we came out of our room one morning to see that one of our neighbors was going to get a surprise when they woke up!  haha.

Mom even got some help putting her sunscreen on.  Go Mom!  hehe. :)

Then it was time to head back home.  Back to the airport.

This wasn't the Dominican Republic, but a pretty island we flew over at some point.

And back to snowy Wichita!

It was an amazing and much needed break and time of relaxation!  Thank you so much Mom and Dad!  Words will never express how grateful we are for this trip!  An amazing family memory and time together!


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