Thursday, May 30, 2013

Weekend in Wichita: Baby Shower & Zac Brown Band Concert

One weekend in mid-April, we headed to Wichita for my sister's baby shower and while we were there we also got to see Zac Brown Band in concert with some good friends.

Caleb is a traveling champ.  :)

My sister Hollie, my aunt Donna and I and a few other wonderful ladies threw a baby shower for my sister, Julie.  Baby Zoey is here now (came a few weeks early!), so I'll do another post on her when we get to visit next weekend.  

Me, Julie, Hollie

Goetz girls

Our wonderful shower committee with Julie:
Me, Hollie, Cynthia, Julie, Ellen, Aunt Donna, and my cousin Ashley

Julie had picked out pink and orange bedding for Zoey's crib, so we went with that theme for the shower.  I made the welcome sign out of burlap and paint.  Those tablecloths were extra slippery, so we had to get creative with how to attach the bunting to the table.

We went with a cookie theme for the shower.  All of our wonderful helpers brought delicious cookies.  We had a big variety!!  As part of the prizes for winning the games, we passed out take home bags for people to take home cookies they wanted to try but didn't get the chance to.  Amazingly, by the end of the shower, all the cookies were gone!

We also played a little bingo.  The guests filled out which gifts they thought Julie would receive, then as she opened them, they crossed them off.  First to get 5 in a row yelled Bingo!

My aunt Donna did a lot of work to help.  She put together this amazing game that had some Price is Right elements of guessing the price of different baby items from different stores, different years, different quantities, etc.  It was so creative and fun!  

Baby Zoey is all set!

Julie with Aaron's mom and my mom

With all of Zoey's grandmas and great grandmas.

We also had a little trouble getting this to stay up, so we had to improvise with and extra dip and some sticky tack.

Some of the yummy cookies we had were: carrot, banana, hot chocolate, chocolate chip, peanut blossoms, sugar, white chocolate cranberry, gooey, chocolate peanut butter, oreo truffles, and we also had some chex mix and ham/cream cheese/pickle roll ups.  

It was a great shower and we are so appreciative of everyone who came and helped!  

That night, Nick and I went to dinner and then a Zac Brown Band concert with our friends, Steve and Alyssa.  This is one of Nick's favorite musical groups and he was stoked.  It was an awesome show and we had great spots down on the floor.  We were so close!  The only downside was how sore our feet were from standing for hours and hours (and having to hold our ground from the people around us who were plotting to steal our spots).  ZBB put on a really amazing show.  

As usual on our Wichita trips, Caleb was so tuckered out by Sunday afternoon, that we didn't even get to the highway before he was out!


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