Tuesday, June 11, 2013

Summer Fun in Wichita

Every time I write a post, I feel like it's about a trip to Wichita.  We do go there a lot, but we're definitely not there every weekend.  :)  We love seeing our family and we just got back from a 3 day weekend trip up there.

We picked up a special visitor on the way.  Jake's girlfriend, Bekah, just moved to Sand Springs, OK which is near Tulsa.  We were so glad to have her on the ride - we love Bekah!  This was Caleb's favorite car ride ever I think.

Saturday morning was full of wedding invitation making at my parents' house for Julie's wedding.

Check out my hubby and Grandpa's awesome ribbon cutting skills.  :)

We also got to meet my new niece, Zoey Grace.  She is soo tiny and so cute.  Caleb loved holding her and wanted to hold her about 4 times.  

We played with Nana and Grandpa Braschler - fishing and bubbles and Monster's Inc. 

On Sunday, I got to go to a bridal shower for my sweet college roommate, Emily!  She looked beautiful and I can't wait to be in her wedding at the end of July!

We stayed an extra day and on Monday I spent the day with Julie and Zoey.  We took a Chipotle lunch and met my other sister at her work to celebrate their birthdays which are on Friday.

Zoey Grace was born on May 15.  She was about 3 weeks early and weighed 6 lbs.  She is so cute.

Here is Zoey compared to a huge Chipotle burrito, haha!

While I was with Julie and Zoey, the rest of the clan went fishing.  They caught some nice ones!  And Caleb had fun swimming in the water and playing in the mud.  

This is what happened when we dropped Bekah off at her house on the way back home and Caleb couldn't stay.  Somebody has a major crush.  Look out Jake.  :)

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  1. What a FUN weekend! Going home is just the best ;-)