Thursday, August 15, 2013

Julie's Wedding Weekend: Wedding Day

You can see the pre-wedding festivities here.  On Saturday, August 10, the big day was here.  The weather was beautiful, with a high temperature of 84 expected.  Amazing for August.  We started the morning with McDonald's frappes and Panera egg souffles and then headed to Julie's hair and makeup appointment.  It was fun to just hang out with my sisters and get ready for the day.

She looked stunning!

The wedding was at Eberly Farm in Wichita.  It was a beautiful place.  Perfect for a wedding.

Our little guy was the ring bearer and Zoey was the "flower girl".  :)  He sure looked cute all decked out in his little suit.  Wish I had gotten a few more pics of him.  Nick's parents were great to watch him most of the day and get him ready.  Thanks Nana & Papa!

Before the ceremony, the girls took some pictures outside.  

We all wore these fun shoes and the guys wore matching black ones too.  Julie got the sparkly ones!

Caleb did so well going down the aisle.  We were a little nervous, but he did perfect.  :)  And Mom looked beautiful!!  Her and Dad have been working really hard and have both lost a bunch of weight.  

There's Dad and Julie.  Sweet picture.

Nick did a really great job officiating.  This was his 3rd wedding and I was really proud of him.

Then there were some more pictures afterward, while the guests mingled and waited for dinner (which was amazing by the way!!).

I think these pictures are so sweet.  You can tell Aaron really loves Zoey.

The cupcakes were done by Artistic Cakes and they were soooooooo good.  Seriously, they were the best cupcakes I have ever had.  We got the chance to try some after the wedding at Mom and Dad's and I could not stop going on about them.  So good!  My favorite was by far the vanilla.

First dance.

Father/Daughter dance

I was trying to get Caleb to get in on the garter toss, but there was a little communication and he ran right over to Aunt Julie.  You can see him way over there in the white shirt.  

Bride photo bomb!  

I even made it through my speech at the reception.  Whew.  All in all, it was a wonderful weekend.  Welcome to the family Aaron!  Congratulations to Julie and Aaron!  


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