Tuesday, August 6, 2013

My College Roomie is Married!

The last weekend in July, we headed to Wichita for my dear friend Emily's wedding!  It was a fun weekend getting to see all my college friends again!  And celebrate a beautiful couple!

We got to spend a little time with my cute niece, Zoey!  

This cute guy was my date for the rehearsal and dinner.  :)

They had the dinner decorated so pretty!!  It was perfect.

The happy couple, Emily and Jeff.  :)

It was so fun to see my girlfriends from college.  This is Amber and her daughter Layla who turned one on the wedding day! (I didn't get a pic of her hubs, Antony, but he was there too!)

The beautiful bride!

I loved meeting babies and being reunited with the girls!  So good to be all together!!

The venue was beautiful.  It was at the Wichita Indian Center.  There was a big wall of windows with a really picture perfect view behind the stage.  The weather was amazing for July and the ceremony and reception were beautiful.

We picked up Bekah (Jake's girlfriend) near Tulsa on the way to Wichita so she could surprise Jake who was returning from Africa with Todd Friday night.  They were in Zambia for 17 days and had a wonderful trip with some incredible experiences!  As you can see, the weekend tuckered Caleb and Bekah out.  :)  

We're gearing up for my sister's wedding this coming weekend and then I think we'll stay put for awhile.  :)  Lots of excitement!!


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