Thursday, August 29, 2013

Random Thoughts Thursday

- This week is Nick's birthday week.  We celebrate things all week long at the Braschler house.  Yesterday, was his actual birthday.  He got to have lunch with our CEO, we went to Dickey's BBQ for dinner, watched the new Duck Dynasty seasons I got him, ate brownie chocolate chip cheesecake, sang happy birthday a few times (Caleb is getting really good at it - it is really sweet), and ran to Walmart real quick.  Today is our last Naturals baseball game of the season and tomorrow Nick is going to a gospel quartet concert with some friends, while the ladies come chill at our house.  This weekend brings house catch up time (it is so messy), dove hunting season begins Sunday (Nick is so excited he can't stand it), and Robyn and I will hang out with the boys.  Fun week.

- Last weekend we went camping with my parents at Big Hill Lake in Kansas.  We meet in the middle and it is so fun to do this each summer. Here are my previous posts about it: 2011 and 2012.  Thanks to a dead phone battery and having lots of fun, I have zero pictures from the weekend.  I am partially really bummed about that and partially really glad.  Glad because I know there was no temptation to have my phone close by and be more worried about documenting memories than actually making and enjoying them.  I love this summer tradition with my family and am so glad we made it happen this year!  We went on lots of walks, hiked a trail, plenty of swimming and eating, sitting around a campfire, and playing games.  Nick's parents even rode the motorcycle over on Saturday and joined us!  It was a blast.

- This weekend is Labor Day weekend and I couldn't be happier.  1) We have a three day weekend!  2) I get to spend lots of time with my nephew and sis-in-law. 3) Nick gets to go hunting for dove (I love eating them). 4) I finally get to catch up some on housework (like I said, it is kinda outta control after a weekend away and week full of stuff going on). 5) FALL IS RIGHT AROUND THE CORNER!!!!!!!!!!!  yes!

-  Every week, Nick goes to Caleb's daycare and they walk down the street to Jim's Razorback pizza and have lunch together.  I think it is the cutest and sweetest thing ever.  They both really look forward to this.  Today, I got to join them and I loved every second.  What a special family memory.  I love my boys.

- I am so ready for fall to be here.

- Tonight, we are going to get new shoes for me!!!  Yay!!  I have seriously been in need of running shoes (haven't been in several days in large part because of this and part because of the awful hot temperatures).

- This weekend we are also getting serious about potty training boot camp.  Caleb has done well so far this week (ok one night and most of today), so we are going to conquer the dreaded potty training!  It has gone on for months - part of that is our own fault.  Let's do this thing!

- I thought I'd update you all on some random thoughts I've been having.  Thanks for reading.  :)  Have a great Thursday.


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