Wednesday, August 14, 2013

Julie's Wedding Weekend: Pre-Wedding Festivities

We are back in town after an eventful weekend!  Another Goetz girl married off and another wedding down in the books.  This post is full of all the pre-wedding festivities.  

We got to spend some time with baby Zoey!

The boys helped me run errands on Thursday morning.  :)  Got distracted in Academy (not my errand by the way, haha).

Friday morning we helped to arrange wedding flowers.  The men did awesome!  Aaron's (my new brother-in-law) dad came and helped too.

Papa showed Caleb how to shave.  :)


Thursday was the bachelorette party.  We started with dinner at TGIFriday's and then ended the night at Hollie's apartment with dessert, games and gifts.  It was a fun night!!

This is Aaron's mom who was nice enough to come for the evening.  She joked about getting Julie some footie pajamas, haha!

Julie, with the other bridesmaid (besides Hollie and me), Christy.

The spread.  Sugar cookies and chocolate covered strawberries made my yours truly and a cookie cake and fun drinks made by Hols.

Haha, this is Hollie's gift - she saw it on pinterest - hilarious!

These next 2 pictures of the cookies are PG13, so shield your eyes if it will make you uncomfortable.  These are the cookies I made using part of a heart cookie cutter.  :)


One game was to make lingerie out of toilet paper (instead of the usual wedding dress at a bridal shower game).  Julie rocked it.

The Goetz girls.  :)

Yes, that is underwear on our heads.  We are so fun.  :)

Friday night was the rehearsal and rehearsal dinner.  I was a matron of honor for the wedding, Nick was officiating and Caleb was the ring bearer!  We all had roles for the wedding.  This also meant that Caleb was a free man for most of the evening.  We brought all kinds of books, toys and a portable DVD player to keep him occupied.  It didn't last long.  That boy has a lot of energy!  We were questioning his role as the ring bearer because he was so wild (I mean that in the nicest way possible) at the rehearsal, but he did so awesome at the wedding.  Nothing Nana and Papa Braschler and a bag of fruit snacks can't fix!  :)  

This is my new brother-in-law, Aaron, for those of you who may not have "blog met" him yet.  We are very happy to welcome him into the family.  He truly cares for and loves Julie and Zoey and is a welcome part of the family!

Aaron's parents provided Chipotle for the rehearsal dinner.  It was amazing!  One of our favorite places!!

Mom gave her rehearsal dinner speech, which is now tradition since she has done it for both my and Julie's wedding.  It was very sweet and thoughtful.

I will have a post with wedding pictures next!  We had a great weekend celebrating!

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