Tuesday, September 17, 2013

High Five for Tuesday

(this was supposed to be a High Five for Friday post, haha, but obviously I didn't get it posted then)

1. Cooler temps are here!!!!  At least for a few days!  I will be soaking this up!  I haven't been out running much since the heat came back, but I did go back out Saturday morning!  This means I decorated for fall a little this weekend!  It is always a welcome time for the oranges, reds and yellows to adorn the house - soaking up the season!  I feel some chili, baked potato soup, hot chocolate, movies, sweatshirts, pumpkins and blankets coming on!  A girl can dream.

2.  Nick was out of town for a few days last week, so last night Caleb and I enjoyed some time on the driveway - me reading my kindle and he playing in his rice bucket.  It was pretty fun.



3.  Caleb has pretty much mastered potty training!!  I think we can go ahead and call him potty-trained (except for night times).  He has had several days where he has gone all day keeping his underwear dry and we have had a handful of successful outings (it is scary to go places without the security of a pullup!).  Of course there is the occasional accident, but that is to be expected.  His first full day at school of coming home in the same pants he left in, we celebrated with cupcakes!

4.  Last week I went to my first meeting of Missing Motherhood in Rogers.  My sweet friend, Kristin, is leading it.  It is a group for women who have experienced any kind of stumbling block in the way of motherhood: infertility, miscarriages, loss of a child, special needs, adoption loss, abortion, etc.  We meet once a month.  It is a really unique ministry that is going to be an awesome experience I think.  Kristin does a great job of leading and I'm looking forward to going through the book, Hannah's Hope.  I met some really neat ladies there this last time.

5.  My husband is home after being out of town for a few days!!  I always miss him when he's gone.  I did get some sweet time with Caleb.  (example: One night we were watching Toy Story - surprise surprise - and he said, hold me mommy and crawled into my lap. So sweet.  Of course we have had our frustrating moments too, but that's part of the journey.  :)


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