Friday, October 18, 2013

Gentry Safari Family Fun

Last Friday, we decided to do a fun family activity.  Ideally, we would have liked to have taken the whole day or half a day off work to maximize our time together, but reality says that I have only half a day of vacation until the end of January, so I need to save it.  Anyway, we decided to go to the Gentry Wild Wilderness Safari.  Caleb loves animals so we thought he would love to see all different kinds.  He did!  There was a part we could walk around and see some animals and then there is a huge drive through part to see the bigger animals.  Everywhere we walked Caleb just kept saying, "Look!", "Hey mommy daddy look over there!", "Hey look!", "Look another animal!".  It was pretty cute.  

He really like the giraffes, calling them "Melman" like on the movie Madagascar.  haha.

He wasn't too sure about being so close though!

We were kind of surprised at how lax they were with restraining the animals.  There were so many different kinds they just let roam free.  There were rabbits all around and goats and birds and all kinds of animals.  One lady (we are hoping this was a guest) was feeding a monkey some cheetos - nobody seemed to care either.  Ha!  Nick and I kept exchanging looks wondering if this was allowed.  

After we walked around for awhile, we hopped in the truck to take the drive through path and see some of the bigger animals.  There were lots of miniature deer, some buffalo, these weird creepy ostrich-like bird things, zebras - Caleb called these Marty (from Madagascar), lions (in a cage), tigers (in a cage), antelope, rhinos (in enclosure), hippos (enclosure) - Caleb called these Gloria, from Madagascar (sensing a theme here?), and lots of other types of animals.  It was pretty cool to see all these animals.  Caleb had a blast almost the whole time - with some normal 2-going-on-3-year old whining peppered in there.

I had to capture this picture.  There actually is a thing called a Liger.  If you look real closely at the red sign.  Remember Napoleon Dynamite drew a picture of one?  haha, anyway - apparently it's a real thing.  

We capped the evening off with pizza and a family movie (Ice Age).  It was a great Friday!  


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