Wednesday, October 23, 2013

Spontaneous Trip to Branson

About 3:30 pm last Friday, I got a wild hair and asked Nick on our work chat if he wanted to make a spontaneous last minute trip to Branson to watch the Cardinals baseball game with his grandparents.  They were playing the game to clinch their spot in the World Series.  We decided to go and rushed home and got our stuff together and headed to Branson.  We watched the game at Nick's Aunt Sherri's house with Sherri, Grandma, Grandpa and Nick's cousin Josh.  It was an awesome time and a special memory that we will never forget!  Plus the Cards won 9-0!!  Caleb stayed up past 11, haha and had a blast!

The next morning, Grandma had to work, but Grandpa took us to the Floating Cafe for breakfast, which you may remember from this post. 

It was so sweet to watch Grandpa carrying Caleb around.  That boy loves all of his great grandparents!!

We had a delicious breakfast (my absolute favorite meal of the day!) and then fed the fish off the dock.

We headed back to the grandparent's house - where Nick had to break into the shed because we couldn't find a key and Grandpa had some stuff he wanted out of there! 

We headed to lunch at Freddy's, where Tyler is working as a manager until about January or so when he will get his own brand new store in Rogers!  The service and food were excellent!  

Mamaw met us for lunch and it was so good to see her!  Caleb got his birthday present from her.  

After lunch, we drove over to the theater where the Braschler Music Show used to be, where Grandma B runs the front office and hung out with her for a little bit.  We also watched the first half of a show, The Fair Family 5.  After that, we headed home for the evening. 

We are so glad we went and had a blast!  We are actually headed back up to Missouri this weekend for a fall work day at the Weiss farm (Nick's aunt Sherri and uncle Rex's house).  Looking forward to it!  And of course watching the Cards in the World Series!  #gocards  :)


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