Friday, November 15, 2013

Family Fall Weekend Fun

The weekend before Caleb's birthday, my family came down for a fun fall weekend!  We headed out on Saturday morning to Natural Falls State Park in Oklahoma.  It was an absolutely beautiful fall day!!  The trees were stunning and the weather was awesome!  We spent some time playing on the playground for a little bit before we headed to see the falls and do some "hiking".  

Caleb was Aunt Hollie's buddy on this little excursion.  It was pretty cute.  Here we are super high up looking down at the falls.

These are all phone pictures that don't even come close to capturing the natural beauty we saw that day.

Haha, this was Caleb's solution for his cold ears.  This kid cracks me up!

After we finished up at Natural Falls, we headed to Barnett's for some burgers.  

We were all pretty exhausted after that, so there were definitely some naps taken.  :)

Caleb loves loves loves his cousin Zoey.  He asked to hold her about a million times and anytime she fussed he said, "You want me baby Zoey?"  It was really cute.  He would give her tons of kisses and brought her toys to play with.  So sweet.

We also celebrated Caleb turning 3!  

Sunday after church, the ladies all went to the Holiday Downtown open house that our town does every year.  It was fun to start getting into the Christmas spirit and find some goodies!

It was such a fun weekend and we are so glad the whole family was able to come down!!!

Friday, November 8, 2013

Caleb is 3!

Our little guy is now 3 years old!  Caleb turned 3 on Wednesday.  Since we had celebrated with the Braschler family back in September and with my family last weekend, we opted not to do an actual party this year.  We did do lots of fun things to celebrate!  

I've mentioned that every Wednesday, Nick picks Caleb up at school and they walk over to Jim's Razorback pizza for lunch.  I got to join them this time for a birthday pizza!  It's so cute - they have this whole routine of climbing "mountains", counting parking spaces, hiding around the pillars.  It is very sweet.

After work and school, we took Caleb to see the movie, Free Birds.  Cute movie.  Caleb loved the snacks and was so excited for the movie.  

Then we headed to McDonald's so he could play in the new playplace there.  They just built a new McDonald's in town and it is really nice!  Everything still smells new!  He loves playing in these play place things, so it was a perfect birthday activity.

We went home and opened gifts afterward!  Caleb got a bean bag to jump on (so he doesn't jump on us all the time, haha!).

He also got some books and a Bullseye (from Toy Story).

Caleb, we love your sweet, joyful, funny, energetic, helpful spirit!  You love to make people laugh.  You are always quick to help, especially with the animals.  You give lots of kisses and hugs.  We love hearing you talk more and more and are so amused by your questions and singing.  We love to watch you learn new things: the newest of which is how to spell RED.  Your friend Zachary just taught you how to make Spiderman fingers and shoot webs out of your hands, haha.  You love to read books and your favorite Bible story is the "Caleb" story in Numbers 13.  Curious George is one of your favorite characters and you also love to watch movies and TV shows.  Some of your favorites are Toy Story, Super Why, Curious George, Veggie Tales.  You love dinosaurs and have a seriously intense roar.  Playing with playdough is one of your favorite activities.  Your favorite color seems to be green.  Every single project or craft you bring home is made out of green paper or colored with green crayon.  You are very helpful taking care of the dogs - making sure they have food and water and checking on the chickens.  You get their eggs everyday and carry them all by yourself and even put them in the fridge.  You help fill their coop with wood shavings and always make sure to say thank you when they give us eggs.  You like to go to church and see your friends.  Caleb, you love to tickle (which comes from how you like to make people laugh) and you also love to wrestle with Daddy.  Playing with your cousin Jack gets you so excited and you are so sweet and gentle to your cousin Zoey.  You are so very good at being around extended family and are always willing to give them a hug and kiss.  You always ask to be with your Grammy, Grandpa, Nana, Papa and great grandparents.  We really appreciate that quality in you.  Pizza and spaghetti are your two favorite foods (unless you count candy, which would also be one of your favorites).  Whenever you are outside, you are always on the lookout for acorns.  You come home from school with pockets full of acorns.  

We are so grateful to have you as our son and you are such a joyful part of our family!  You will be such a great big brother in May!  We love being your parents and living life with you.
We love you so much!
Mommy and Daddy