Thursday, November 7, 2013

Farm Work Day

Two weekends ago we headed to Missouri again for some more family time!  We met Robyn and Jack over at Mamaw's for an amazing dinner and got to spend the evening and Saturday morning with her.  We even got to see Uncle Phil for a little bit too.  

Saturday around lunchtime, we headed over to Aunt Sherri and Uncle Rex's farm for a work day!  I actually think they did most of the work and we got to enjoy the place!  It is such a beautiful house and property.  Absolutely stunning.  We love it there.  We started out with hotdogs over the campfire for lunch.  Then the men continued to clear brush and the ladies took lunch stuff back to the house and headed out to pick up walnuts.

The boys loved being taken around in this little wagon.  So cute.

Isn't this place phenomenal?  That porch is awesome.

The boys found a dog pen on the porch and Caleb did his duty as the oldest little one to trap Jack in it.

There was also a pumpkin carving contest!!  

We carved pumpkins while the ladies pulled pork off a hog they had smoked the night before.

Caleb asked for a spider, so I did my best to make one for him!  We didn't win, but it still turned out looking somewhat like a spider - I'll take it!

Then we got to see some chickens being slaughtered (ok, that word sounds so harsh, but it's just a normal part of farm life).  :)  The boys were saying their final farewells.

Nick said a few words over the birds - as any good chicken chaplain would do.  :)  hehe.

[Fair warning: I am about to explain the chicken slaughtering process that I experienced.  If you would rather not hear/see the gory details, skip down a ways.  It is actually pretty fascinating.]
Since I have seen this process in our plants, it was really interesting to see this in real life.  Josh would swing the bird around holding it's neck and pretty soon the neck would break and the head would come right off.  

Then the body would flap all around the yard for a few minutes until all the nerve endings were dead.  Then, they would grab the chicken by the feet and dip/swirl it around in scorching water to prepare the feathers to be taken off.  Then you put the bird in this contraption that gets all the feathers off in no time!  Last, you go clean the bird - get all the guts out of it and keep the meaty parts!

I was so impressed with this girl.  She was treating that chicken like a boss.  She had a toddler on her hip and was breaking necks and carrying around chicken bodies and everything.  Impressive.

We headed back to Grandma and Grandpa Braschler's that night and watched the Cardinals game.  Caleb and I fell asleep, but that is normal.  We got up the next morning and went to McDonald's before church.  Caleb was reading the paper with Grandma.

We went to Uncle Paul's church and we got to hear him preach.  It was a great service.  After church we ate lunch at this really nice place in Harrison, AR that was right next to a creek.  You could feed the fish here, so of course we had to check that out.  Caleb loved loved loved this part.

It was a perfect fall weekend and so much fun to spend time with family!!! 


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