Friday, November 8, 2013

Halloween 2013

For Halloween every year, our office does it's own type of trick-or-treat.  Each wing brings food and then you "trick-or-treat" around to the other wings and check out the goods.  This year I brought sugar cookie fingers (saw someone post a picture of this on facebook) and chicken salad with crackers.  These fingers turned out better than I expected!  Just sugar cookie dough rolled out, knuckle lines made with a knife, almond slices for the nail and cocoa powder dusted on.  

Then in the afternoon,everyone brings their kiddos up to the office to trick or treat at each person's desk.  This is where you bring in the candy!  Caleb was a miniature Chaplain Nick.  He even handed out business cards as he got candy until he lost interest.  
(I've gotten into a bad habit of using only my iphone to capture pictures.  They are almost always blurry.)

His costume was complete with a hairnet (the red thing), ear plugs and a hard hat for plant visits.  

Here are some other adorable costumes that came around the office.

Colonel Sanders from KFC.

Free puppies (I don't know if it is an Arkansas thing or what, but every weekend you are almost guaranteed to find someone in the Walmart parking lot giving away free puppies).

After work, we went around our neighborhood for a little traditional trick-or-treating.  We were surprised that there were not very many houses handing out candy.  We only went around our little circle since Caleb had gotten so much candy from the office earlier.

We still have so much candy, it is ridiculous!  We have all been enjoying the goodies though!


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