Thursday, December 19, 2013

Caleb Conversations

While Nick was gone for a week hunting in South Dakota.  I asked him this when I picked him up from school - Miss Michelle is one of the teachers who calls Caleb her boyfriend (and has since he was a little baby).
V: Caleb, do you want to go on a date with me?  Do you want to be my boyfriend?
C: No, I Chelle's boyfriend!

At the doctor's office for an ultrasound and we took Caleb:
as I'm laying on the table and the doc is rolling the ultrasound thing on my belly
C: It's gonna be ok mommy.

On our way home after daycare:
C: Where my daddy?
V: He's at work but he might be home already, let's go see.
C: Let's go see daddy.  My friend, daddy.  Daddy's a boy.  Mommy's a girl.  Baby's a girl. And I'm a boy.
disclaimer: We still do not know the gender of the baby.  Lately Caleb has insisted it's a girl.

During dinner just about every night for the last week or so:
C: Mmmm...that's pretty good!  Thanks mommy!

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  1. Awww, he is SO SWEET. It will be so fun one day to look back on all the funny/sweet things he has said over the years :) Love you Caleb!