Thursday, December 19, 2013

Holiday Happenings

Whew - it is a busy time of year!  And with Thanksgiving being a week late, it feels even busier!  Even though it's been busy, I haven't ever felt really stressed over anything and we've made sure to not make Christmas a "burden", because it's not about all the "stuff".  Of course there are plenty of things I would like to do, that just aren't going to get done or seen or whatever.  And I especially love getting Christmas cards and giving them, but the fact of the matter is that I haven't even bought Christmas cards yet, haha, so I'm giving myself permission to not send them out this year even though I would really like to.

Anyway, here is a round up of what we have been up to this holiday season, including Thanksgiving.

Thanksgiving was spent in Wichita with the family.  We were so very grateful to get an extended stay there and quality time with both sides of the family.  There was plenty of eating, shopping and time with my sweet niece.

About two weeks ago, Arkansas got a pretty big ice/snowstorm, resulting in about 7 inches or so of snow on the ground!  I absolutely loved it!  Bonus was that we got a day and a half off of work and our power stayed on.  Caleb loved playing in the snow and Nick pulled him on his new sled in the icy street.  There was lots of movie watching, online shopping, warm-drink-sipping, and cuddling accomplished!  One downside was that because of the snow and ice, our Christmas lights have not worked since.  :(  We only had them up for a few days before the weather came, and the lights haven't decided to start working even though it is all melted away.  I am hoping this remedies itself!  

Friends over 
Last Friday night as I mentioned here, we got to watch the Gutshall kids and their cousin.  They were so good and sweet.  Caleb and Emerson had a blast playing with Nick and laughed and laughed and Lyla and Nolah played so sweetly, checking everything out.  It was a really fun night.  Lyla even slept in Nick's arms toward the end of the evening.  So sweet.  I told him pink looks good on him.  Haha, we shall see.  :)  

Gift exchange & Birthday party
I wish I had taken some pictures of these, but I guess I was just enjoying myself and didn't take the time to get my phone out.  We have been so blessed with some friendships here in Siloam with people our age from church.  There is one family, the Butlers, with three brothers who are all married and have baby girls that we have gotten to know and hang out with.  Nick sometimes gets together and sings with the guys and the girls and the kids and I all hang out.  One of them hosted a gift exchange and a few other families.  It was so fun.  We did a white elephant gift exchange and got some pretty hilarious presents.  I walked away with a bag of beans with a note explaining it was for a "hot tub experience".  Directions are to consume the beans, wait an hour and take a bath - magically, bubbles will start appearing!  And Nick came home with an adult sized Betty Boop pink onesie.  Awesome.  We had delicious food and tons of fun.  
A few nights later we went to a first birthday party for the youngest of one of the families who was at the gift exchange, the Dees.  It was pretty much the same people there and we had a taco bar and all the kids had fun taking over their house!  We are so thankful for friendships here!  

Christmas Train
Just like last year, we headed to the Christmas Train again this year.  Oh man, I love this place.  It is an entire Christmas town with so many fun things to do.  We went with Tyler, Robyn and Jack and had a blast.  We stopped for some fudge first, ate a delicious BBQ dinner, bought some saltwater taffy, Rob and I lost the boys for awhile, we watched a puppet show and rode the train and carousel.  We were really tired by the end of the evening but got to do so many fun things!  The boys were really good too.

Nick's choir concert
Last Sunday, the church choir had their annual Christmas concert which Nick was a part of.  It was a beautiful service and they all did a wonderful job!

This weekend and the following week bring a quick trip to Wichita for Christmas with my family, small group, Christmas Eve service, Christmas, our anniversary, and Braschler Christmas!

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  1. WOO! You have had a spectacular Holiday Season so far! And the good news: It's not over! I can't wait to spend more time with you this weekend. Oh the fun we have! :)