Monday, January 13, 2014

2013 Recap

Before January quickly passes by, here is a quick look back on what 2013 looked like for the Braschler bunch.

We started off the year talking about our miscarriages, since our second one occurred in January.  Nick was the speaker for our church event, DNOW (which was made a little crazier due to an ER visit by yours truly).  We followed that up with a Goetz family trip to the Dominican Republic - oh, how I could go back there.  So peaceful and relaxing and beautiful.

We enjoyed celebrating Easter in Wichita.  April was another trip to Wichita for a baby shower for my sister, Julie.  We attended a lot of Naturals baseball games - one of our favorite spring and summer activities.
Julie and Aaron came down for a visit - just days before Zoey was born! On May 15 our niece was born - about 3 weeks early. Nick made a quick trip to Doniphan for the annual Memorial Day visit with the Braschlers.  In June, we made another trip to Wichita to meet Zoey and for my friend, Emily's, bridal shower.

We also had the annual Braschler Roaring River fishing weekend.  Caleb moved to a big boy bed.  In July, we made yet another trip to Wichita (I think this was the year of Wichita trips - we sure burned some rubber on 412 and 35) for Emily's wedding.  In August, we married off my sister and Aaron.  I finally completed couch to 5k!  And ran in my first 5k - something I have wanted to do for several years.  I haven't kept it up, because I got pregnant soon after the 5k race and have taken it easy because of our past pregnancies.  We also went camping at Big Hill Lake with my parents.

September brought a fun visit to the pumpkin patch and celebrating Jack's 2nd birthday!  A surprise birthday visit from my family was so much fun!  In October, we had a fall work day at Aunt Sherri's farm, watched the Cardinals make it to and play in the World Series, and finally got eggs from our chickens!  Caleb turned 3 years old and we announced we were pregnant!  And we ended 2013 feeling baby move.

It was a great year, filled with ups and downs as any year is.  We are grateful for the many blessings and fun memories.

Look forward to 2014!


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