Wednesday, January 15, 2014

We're thinking pink!

As most of you know, we found out last week that we are having a......GIRL!!!  We are so very excited.  We are so thankful that our appointment with the ultrasound tech showed that everything was going well and baby girl is looking good as ever.  They said she has a very strong heart and all of her measurements and body parts looked great.  She was measuring a little bigger than we are time-wise, so I am expecting another huge baby.  Caleb was 9 lbs 13 oz and I was hoping he cleared the way for any others, but I'm afraid my babies will get bigger with each one.  haha.  I am prepared for a 10 pounder - yikes!

Since Nick grew up with only brothers and I grew up with only sisters, sometimes I wonder what the dynamics of a brother and sister will be like.  This is new territory for us!  It will be a learning experience for sure.  A fun(?) one!

Caleb is excited for a baby sister.  He is sometimes completely indifferent and sometimes super sweet, mentioning her and giving her kisses.  I have some sweet stories about him and baby girl's name options, but I will share those later when we are for sure on a name.  We will probably share the name before, but still haven't fully decided (sorry Mom and Claudia!).  :)

Other pregnancy news:
- We are 23 weeks along tomorrow.

- I am still feeling great!  Just have a hard time staying awake past 8:00 most nights.  Thursdays are the hardest because of 4 straight working days in a row.

- We are planning to make our guest room into a new nursery.  We will leave our guest bed in it until right after she is born because it is so handy to have an extra bed when our family visits - otherwise, we never use that room.  We already moved the computer and desk into our room because Nick's grad school started this week.  The most challenging thing will be emptying out the room and finding a place for all the junk we have accumulated (seriously? We've been married 5 years - where did all that stuff come from?!).

- Our due date is probably the craziest week we could have "chosen" (which we obviously didn't choose, but are of course so grateful to even have a due date!).  May 15 is the official due date.  That is the date of Claudia's birthday, Tyler's birthday and my niece Zoey's birthday.  It is also the date of Jake's high school graduation.  It is about a week and a half before Nick's cousin's wedding, and about a week after my cousin's college graduation.  We will have to play everything by ear, but will hopefully get to attend as many things as possible.

- My cravings (these would probably still be cravings even non-pregnancy, haha): hashbrowns or anything potato-related - this is the biggest craving, so much so that Nick put a $25 gift card to McDonald's in my stocking for hashbrowns, haha!, peanut butter M&Ms, sour gummy worms, smoothies, chocolate milk, mac & cheese (the good kind - gooey and cheesy), and bell peppers - any color -  dipped in veggie ranch dip.

-  Here is a belly shot at 22 weeks, 5 days.  She decided to poke out this week!

- I am still mostly sleeping well (thanks to a body pillow Nick got me for Christmas) and trips to the bathroom are becoming more frequent - even more so than they already were (as my husband lovingly refers to me as "thimble bladder".  I like to think of it as a term of endearment.)

- It is kind of wild that we are over the halfway point and this year we will be adding a baby girl to our family!  She will be here so very soon!

- We (in this case "we" means Nick, haha) just recently finished our budget for the next year and Nick said we should probably add a line for "pink!".  Probably a good idea.  :)

- Bring on the pink and bows - we can't wait to meet you baby girl!


  1. We just finished cleaning out our spare room that will be baby's room too and omg I have nowhere to put stuff! I have a whole 4 tier shelf out I. The garage full of tubs and tubs stacked as high as the shelf that wouldn't fit on the shelf lol I have no idea where stuff comes from! Thank goodness for a huge garage lol

  2. I LOVE this update! You look SO good! I hear you on the non-pregnancy cravings! ha! The brother-sister relationship is awesome! I only have sister in law experience ;-) So if Sidney ever gets a sister HUGE learning curve I'm afraid. I'm looking forward to more PINK updates & nursery pictures!! AHH!!