Monday, March 31, 2014

Getaway Weekend

A couple of weekends ago, we got such a treat.  Nick's sweet mom came down and stayed with Caleb so Nick and I could have some time away before baby girl gets here.  I don't know who was more excited - us, her, or Caleb.  :)

Nick arranged the evening and it was so wonderful, relaxing, and refreshing.  We stayed at the Inn at the Mill and had dinner at the restaurant there, James at the Mill.  It was delicious and fancy!  The grounds at the inn are beautiful and it was such a nice evening out.  We got Cold Stone Creamery ice cream and it was every bit as amazing as I was hoping.

In the morning, we got to sleep in (thank you black out curtains!).  We took our time getting up and ready and drove around Fayetteville looking for breakfast.  I was hoping to try breakfast at Rick's bakery, but when we got there, the parking lot was completely full, so we opted for Shipley's donuts just down the street.

We slowly made our way back to Siloam, stopping at a few furniture places looking for a new chair for the nursery or our reading corner.  No luck there, but I think Nick finally sees what I am sort of looking for since I have a hard time describing it.

Meanwhile, Caleb and Nana had fun playing at the park, watching Toy Story and doing fun dinosaur face stickers.  :)  Nana brought special snacks in Caleb's favorite color - green!  So fun.  We hung out and sort of all napped and chilled for the afternoon, then had dinner and went to bed shortly after.  We headed to church in the morning and left right after so we could go to the grand opening of Freddy's Frozen Custard in Rogers!  Nick's brother, Tyler, is the GM there and we are so excited for and proud of him!  It snowed on us the whole way there, haha.  The food was delicious, friendly staff, clean restaurant and happy faces all around!  Check it out if you're ever in Rogers!!

Another great weekend in the books!

Mom's 50th Birthday!

My mom turned the big 5-0 at the beginning of March.  We headed up to Wichita the next weekend to celebrate!  My dad and sisters and I planned a party for her with family and as many of her favorite things that we could think of.

We wanted to keep things cheerful instead of black and doom and gloom because that's no way to celebrate 50!  The main event was a dinner of Chipotle.  It was delicious!!!  Oh man - I could eat Chipotle all the time. It is Mom's favorite place, so Dad ordered a bunch for us all to enjoy.  My sisters made some amazing cake balls - 4 flavors!!!  They were delicious and a huge hit!  They also took care of some decorations and all the paper products and balloons.  I made a "Fifty & Fabulous" banner and a Family Feud game.  The game actually turned out better than I expected.  Thankfully, we had an excited and involved group who really made it more fun.  We also got some Connie's Cookies for the celebration.  Dad gathered some questions from us girls, himself and mom's siblings for a quiz about Linda.  :)  It was fun to see if we guessed the right answers according to mom, and to see who knew her the best (and worst).  :)  My Aunt Donna threw a fun party for Mom the weekend before with some of her girlfriends and included some more of Mom's favorite things.  All around, I hope Mom really had a great time!

Sunday, we got to go to the church where Todd is on staff at now, Central Community Church.  It was great to visit and meet some new folks!

We also made sure to cheer on the Wichita State Shockers while we were there!  They won the Missouri Valley tournament and we are still heartbroken for their loss in the March Madness tournament.  Go Shocks!!!

It was a really fun weekend and we are glad we got to be a part of it!

Friday, March 28, 2014

2nd Annual "Camping" Weekend

A few weeks ago, we had our annual "camping" weekend with our dear friends, the Gutshalls.  Two summers ago, we were planning on going on an actual camping trip outdoors and the weekend we were planning on ended up being about 110 degrees.  Way to hot for us and our little ones.  So instead, we spent the weekend over at the Gutshalls' and had loads of fun (if you click over to that post, look how little those boys are!!!).  We finally got around to planning our second weekend over at the Braschler campground (aka our house).  :)  We love doing it this way because since it is usually about a 45 minute drive to each other's houses, any evenings we get together are always too short since we have to get the kiddos to bed.  Our boys are at such a fun age that they really like playing with each other and ask about each other in between visits.

We hung out at our house Friday evening - had dinner and got the boys set up with a movie.  Sweet Lyla played with toys - she is on the move these days!  The men hung out outside around the campfire for awhile and then the adults played some games after the kids were in bed.  

On Saturday, we got up and headed to Cathy's Corner for breakfast.  Both families love doing big breakfasts on Saturday mornings so it was fun to get out and do that.  And when you go to Cathy's, it is definitely a BIG breakfast.  We went back to our house and Amber and I made some playdough.  We played with playdough while Lyla girl napped and the boys switched between playdough inside and tools outside with the dads.  Caleb showed Emerson "the girls" and how to get eggs.  Then we took a mini field trip to show them Mack.  The guys all got to go on the gator and drive around the field to find him.  Next was the playground for the boys and dads and home for the girls.  Amber made an amazing soup and homemade bread for lunch!  Then we all kind of napped and played more games.

We are so grateful for the friendship of the Gutshalls.  It is so fun to have been with them through several different life phases.  They are truly wonderful and we love them so!  We also may have some arranged marriages planned for our kids...they won't mind will they?  :)

Thursday, March 27, 2014

February Hodge Podge

Yes, March is almost over.  Goodness I have not been a very consistent blogger.  Or maybe just consistently weak.  :)  Let's catch up a little, shall we?

We had a full February!  Nick got to travel to Canada to one of our Pet Food plants up there and had a great trip.  We had several snowy days in February and one of the snowstorms messed with Nick's flights, so he got diverted to New York City for one flight and ended up having to stay the night there.  He made it home safely the next morning!

Two weeks later, Nick visited one of our plants in Emporia, KS for the death of an employee.  His job can be so emotionally difficult and draining, but we are so grateful for the amazing opportunities he has to help people through difficult times.

Caleb came down with strep while Nick was in Emporia, so he got a few days at home with mommy.  Poor guy was pretty puny for awhile and I am so glad I took him in when I did.  The doctor we saw even called the next morning to make sure he was ok because his tonsils were so swollen when she saw him and she was worried it would affect his breathing.  Thankfully, once he got some antibiotic in him he perked up quickly!  Caleb had an eventful stretch of illness.  About a week and a half after his strep, he started to get this strange rash.  I'm telling you, this boy has some sensitive skin (remember the formula rash and the amoxicillin rash?).  It started on his cheeks and then covered his whole face and some of his arms and legs.  Everyday it had moved some and everyday there were new areas of rash.  It was so strange.  We (and the doctor) are still not sure whether it was from the antibiotic he was on, whether it was from the strep, or whether it was something entirely unrelated, Fifth Disease.  His rash looked the most like Fifth Disease, but I'm still not convinced that's what it was.  So, the next week Caleb got to stay home with mommy a few more days.  I was grateful for the special time with him (even if I did have to work from home - at least I was in my sweatpants!).  :)  He is finally all cleared up and seems fine! (I'll spare you pics of his rash...)

For Valentine's Day, Nick and Caleb made me dinner.  Steak and cheesy biscuits!  Yum.  :)  It was so sweet hearing those two in the kitchen working on dinner.  Caleb has really become a daddy's boy lately.  He is always wondering where daddy is and wants to wrestle with him every night when daddy gets home from work.  He loves helping Nick take care of the animals every morning and evening too.  It is so sweet.  And lately, he has been asking to go fishing a lot.  We are hoping to take a weekend trip with him up to Roaring River before baby girl comes so we can do something special with just him.

Also in February, I got to have a day to myself!!  It was wonderful!  Nick had gotten me a gift certificate for a prenatal massage for our anniversary and I finally got to use it.  It was so nice and relaxing.  That was my first massage.  Then, I treated myself to some Qdoba (next best thing to Chipotle - although a Chipotle has since opened up in Bentonville) and ran into some girl friends there.  Then I did a little shopping and grabbed a Starbucks on the way home.  It was a really nice day.  Everyone should have a "me day" every so often.  I think they are so refreshing.

Tuesday, March 11, 2014

Julie & Aaron visit Siloam

The weekend before Valentine's Day, my sister Julie, her husband Aaron, and my niece Zoey all made the trip down to Arkansas to spend the weekend with us!  They were also coming so we could all go to the NWA Healthy Marriages Valentine's event that was happening that weekend.  Caleb was so excited to see baby Zoey that when I set up the pack n play for her to stay in, he brought some of his blankies, a pillow and his Toy Story friends and put them in the pack n play for her.  It was so sweet.  (Don't worry, we took them out when Zoey was in there).

We mostly just hung out Friday night and Saturday.  We played some games and played with the kiddos.  These two cousins love each other so much.

Saturday morning Julie made us a delicious breakfast with a new recipe called biscuits and gravy casserole.  It was soooo good.  (By the way, I need that recipe Julie!)  That afternoon, my cousin Stephanie and her roommate came to watch the kids while we went to the NWA Healthy Marriages event.  It was a fun night with good speakers, great food and great company!  Plus it was free!  I would recommend it to anyone in the area to attend next year.  

Sunday morning after church, Aaron wanted to make us a new recipe that he had come across - mac and cheese grilled cheese.  It was deliciously cheesy!  

We had a great weekend with them and are so glad they made the trip down!