Friday, March 28, 2014

2nd Annual "Camping" Weekend

A few weeks ago, we had our annual "camping" weekend with our dear friends, the Gutshalls.  Two summers ago, we were planning on going on an actual camping trip outdoors and the weekend we were planning on ended up being about 110 degrees.  Way to hot for us and our little ones.  So instead, we spent the weekend over at the Gutshalls' and had loads of fun (if you click over to that post, look how little those boys are!!!).  We finally got around to planning our second weekend over at the Braschler campground (aka our house).  :)  We love doing it this way because since it is usually about a 45 minute drive to each other's houses, any evenings we get together are always too short since we have to get the kiddos to bed.  Our boys are at such a fun age that they really like playing with each other and ask about each other in between visits.

We hung out at our house Friday evening - had dinner and got the boys set up with a movie.  Sweet Lyla played with toys - she is on the move these days!  The men hung out outside around the campfire for awhile and then the adults played some games after the kids were in bed.  

On Saturday, we got up and headed to Cathy's Corner for breakfast.  Both families love doing big breakfasts on Saturday mornings so it was fun to get out and do that.  And when you go to Cathy's, it is definitely a BIG breakfast.  We went back to our house and Amber and I made some playdough.  We played with playdough while Lyla girl napped and the boys switched between playdough inside and tools outside with the dads.  Caleb showed Emerson "the girls" and how to get eggs.  Then we took a mini field trip to show them Mack.  The guys all got to go on the gator and drive around the field to find him.  Next was the playground for the boys and dads and home for the girls.  Amber made an amazing soup and homemade bread for lunch!  Then we all kind of napped and played more games.

We are so grateful for the friendship of the Gutshalls.  It is so fun to have been with them through several different life phases.  They are truly wonderful and we love them so!  We also may have some arranged marriages planned for our kids...they won't mind will they?  :)


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