Thursday, March 27, 2014

February Hodge Podge

Yes, March is almost over.  Goodness I have not been a very consistent blogger.  Or maybe just consistently weak.  :)  Let's catch up a little, shall we?

We had a full February!  Nick got to travel to Canada to one of our Pet Food plants up there and had a great trip.  We had several snowy days in February and one of the snowstorms messed with Nick's flights, so he got diverted to New York City for one flight and ended up having to stay the night there.  He made it home safely the next morning!

Two weeks later, Nick visited one of our plants in Emporia, KS for the death of an employee.  His job can be so emotionally difficult and draining, but we are so grateful for the amazing opportunities he has to help people through difficult times.

Caleb came down with strep while Nick was in Emporia, so he got a few days at home with mommy.  Poor guy was pretty puny for awhile and I am so glad I took him in when I did.  The doctor we saw even called the next morning to make sure he was ok because his tonsils were so swollen when she saw him and she was worried it would affect his breathing.  Thankfully, once he got some antibiotic in him he perked up quickly!  Caleb had an eventful stretch of illness.  About a week and a half after his strep, he started to get this strange rash.  I'm telling you, this boy has some sensitive skin (remember the formula rash and the amoxicillin rash?).  It started on his cheeks and then covered his whole face and some of his arms and legs.  Everyday it had moved some and everyday there were new areas of rash.  It was so strange.  We (and the doctor) are still not sure whether it was from the antibiotic he was on, whether it was from the strep, or whether it was something entirely unrelated, Fifth Disease.  His rash looked the most like Fifth Disease, but I'm still not convinced that's what it was.  So, the next week Caleb got to stay home with mommy a few more days.  I was grateful for the special time with him (even if I did have to work from home - at least I was in my sweatpants!).  :)  He is finally all cleared up and seems fine! (I'll spare you pics of his rash...)

For Valentine's Day, Nick and Caleb made me dinner.  Steak and cheesy biscuits!  Yum.  :)  It was so sweet hearing those two in the kitchen working on dinner.  Caleb has really become a daddy's boy lately.  He is always wondering where daddy is and wants to wrestle with him every night when daddy gets home from work.  He loves helping Nick take care of the animals every morning and evening too.  It is so sweet.  And lately, he has been asking to go fishing a lot.  We are hoping to take a weekend trip with him up to Roaring River before baby girl comes so we can do something special with just him.

Also in February, I got to have a day to myself!!  It was wonderful!  Nick had gotten me a gift certificate for a prenatal massage for our anniversary and I finally got to use it.  It was so nice and relaxing.  That was my first massage.  Then, I treated myself to some Qdoba (next best thing to Chipotle - although a Chipotle has since opened up in Bentonville) and ran into some girl friends there.  Then I did a little shopping and grabbed a Starbucks on the way home.  It was a really nice day.  Everyone should have a "me day" every so often.  I think they are so refreshing.


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