Tuesday, March 11, 2014

Julie & Aaron visit Siloam

The weekend before Valentine's Day, my sister Julie, her husband Aaron, and my niece Zoey all made the trip down to Arkansas to spend the weekend with us!  They were also coming so we could all go to the NWA Healthy Marriages Valentine's event that was happening that weekend.  Caleb was so excited to see baby Zoey that when I set up the pack n play for her to stay in, he brought some of his blankies, a pillow and his Toy Story friends and put them in the pack n play for her.  It was so sweet.  (Don't worry, we took them out when Zoey was in there).

We mostly just hung out Friday night and Saturday.  We played some games and played with the kiddos.  These two cousins love each other so much.

Saturday morning Julie made us a delicious breakfast with a new recipe called biscuits and gravy casserole.  It was soooo good.  (By the way, I need that recipe Julie!)  That afternoon, my cousin Stephanie and her roommate came to watch the kids while we went to the NWA Healthy Marriages event.  It was a fun night with good speakers, great food and great company!  Plus it was free!  I would recommend it to anyone in the area to attend next year.  

Sunday morning after church, Aaron wanted to make us a new recipe that he had come across - mac and cheese grilled cheese.  It was deliciously cheesy!  

We had a great weekend with them and are so glad they made the trip down!  


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