Monday, April 28, 2014

Cousin Sleepover

A few weeks ago, Jack got to come over and stay the night!  We packed in lots of fun for the boys and they just had a blast.  I picked Jack up and took him and Caleb to Freddy's to visit Uncle Tyler and get some yummy food.  The boys commanded all the attention of the fellow diners and I got several comments about how cute my boys were.  :)  I even survived a bathroom visit with both of them by myself and it actually went pretty smoothly.  Haha.  :)

We got back to our house and spent some time outside.  They helped Nick get the garden ready.

"I'm just trying to blow baby sister out of your belly."  - Caleb 

After naps, we headed downtown to feed the ducks and get some dinner at Fratelli's Pizza.  

Next was baths and Toy Story 3!  I think this might be one of my favorite pictures ever.

The next morning we took Jack to church with us.  These boys love each other so much and we are so glad they live close enough together to get to do fun things like this.  Precious memories.  :)

Sunday, April 27, 2014

Caleb Goes to the Dentist

Several weeks ago, Caleb had his first visit to the dentist.  He did so well and didn't seem scared at all.  These pictures make him look so big.  I was very impressed with how great he did!  And the dental hygienist did a good job of showing Caleb each tool she was using and explaining what it did before using it.

Wednesday, April 16, 2014

Caleb Conversations

Here are some of our sweet conversations with Caleb (3 yrs old) the past several months.  I love to capture these memories.

C: "Good night Mommy."
V: "Good night baby."
C: "I not a baby, I'm Caleb."
The next week as I was putting him to bed:
C: "Good night baby."

Nick chatted me this while he was home with a sick Caleb and I had to work:
He was crying for you earlier this morning. I finally got him calmed down and he said,
"You are not mommy, you are just daddy...can we watch Toy Story?"

Caleb, one of the days he was home sick:
"My moobie's ober. Can I go sweep now?"

After a taste of bread and butter pickle:
C: "That is too cold for little boys."

V: "Can you put your shoes on?"
C: "Not today.  Tomorrdow I will."

V: "Caleb, what do you think we should name baby sister?"
C: "Kate."
V: "Kate?  Like Kate from school? Why do you like the name Kate?"
C: "Because I love her."

After picking Caleb up at daycare - he was so happy and gave me 2 kisses.
C:  "Two kisses for you!"
V: "One for mommy and one for baby sister.  Thank you.  I love you buddy."
C: "I love you too mommy and I love Kate in your belly!!"

Mamaw: "What's in mommy's belly?"
C: "A baby! And chips and salsa!"

In the car on the way to school:
C: "I want the Christmas song!"
V: "All the Christmas music is gone.  There is no more."
C: "Christmas song!  I want it!"
V: "Umm...Away in a Manger?"
C: "Yeah, that one!"
V: "Ok, will you sing it with me?"
C: "No, because I'm a little boy."

He wanted me to lay down with him at bedtime.
C: "Good night Mommy."
V: "Good night Caleb."
C: "Good night Mommy."
V: "Good night buddy."
3 minutes of silence.
C: "Good night baby sister."

C: "Ice cream?"
N: "Do you like ice cream?"
C: "No."
N: "I love ice cream!"
C: "I love chicken!" (good thing too, since mommy and daddy work for a chicken company)
V: "You're a good man Charlie Brown."
C: "I not Charlie Brown, I'm Caleb!"

C: "Can I have a cookie daddy?"
N: "Yeah, buddy.  Grab me one too."
He comes back with a whole cookie and a piece of another one.  Gives Nick the little piece.
N: "Hey bud, when someone asks you to get them something, it is nice for you to give them the bigger piece."
C: "Do you want to go get me a cookie Daddy?"

When picking him up after school and I needed to go grocery shopping afterward.
V: "Do you want to go to the store with me?"
C: "Yeah.  And then we can go to the doctor so the doctor can get baby Caitlyn out of your belly!"

While driving by the hospital.
V: "Caleb, do you know what that place is?"
C: ""
V: "That's the hospital.  That's where we're going to go when baby sister comes.  The doctor is going to get her out of my belly."
C: "I want to go there."
V: "You'll get to come see her when she's born."
C: "Can we go there right now?"
V: "Are you ready to meet your baby sister?"
C: "Yeah."
V: "We have to wait a little while longer."
Caleb makes a pouty face.  He is ready to be a big brother!