Wednesday, April 16, 2014

Caleb Conversations

Here are some of our sweet conversations with Caleb (3 yrs old) the past several months.  I love to capture these memories.

C: "Good night Mommy."
V: "Good night baby."
C: "I not a baby, I'm Caleb."
The next week as I was putting him to bed:
C: "Good night baby."

Nick chatted me this while he was home with a sick Caleb and I had to work:
He was crying for you earlier this morning. I finally got him calmed down and he said,
"You are not mommy, you are just daddy...can we watch Toy Story?"

Caleb, one of the days he was home sick:
"My moobie's ober. Can I go sweep now?"

After a taste of bread and butter pickle:
C: "That is too cold for little boys."

V: "Can you put your shoes on?"
C: "Not today.  Tomorrdow I will."

V: "Caleb, what do you think we should name baby sister?"
C: "Kate."
V: "Kate?  Like Kate from school? Why do you like the name Kate?"
C: "Because I love her."

After picking Caleb up at daycare - he was so happy and gave me 2 kisses.
C:  "Two kisses for you!"
V: "One for mommy and one for baby sister.  Thank you.  I love you buddy."
C: "I love you too mommy and I love Kate in your belly!!"

Mamaw: "What's in mommy's belly?"
C: "A baby! And chips and salsa!"

In the car on the way to school:
C: "I want the Christmas song!"
V: "All the Christmas music is gone.  There is no more."
C: "Christmas song!  I want it!"
V: "Umm...Away in a Manger?"
C: "Yeah, that one!"
V: "Ok, will you sing it with me?"
C: "No, because I'm a little boy."

He wanted me to lay down with him at bedtime.
C: "Good night Mommy."
V: "Good night Caleb."
C: "Good night Mommy."
V: "Good night buddy."
3 minutes of silence.
C: "Good night baby sister."

C: "Ice cream?"
N: "Do you like ice cream?"
C: "No."
N: "I love ice cream!"
C: "I love chicken!" (good thing too, since mommy and daddy work for a chicken company)
V: "You're a good man Charlie Brown."
C: "I not Charlie Brown, I'm Caleb!"

C: "Can I have a cookie daddy?"
N: "Yeah, buddy.  Grab me one too."
He comes back with a whole cookie and a piece of another one.  Gives Nick the little piece.
N: "Hey bud, when someone asks you to get them something, it is nice for you to give them the bigger piece."
C: "Do you want to go get me a cookie Daddy?"

When picking him up after school and I needed to go grocery shopping afterward.
V: "Do you want to go to the store with me?"
C: "Yeah.  And then we can go to the doctor so the doctor can get baby Caitlyn out of your belly!"

While driving by the hospital.
V: "Caleb, do you know what that place is?"
C: ""
V: "That's the hospital.  That's where we're going to go when baby sister comes.  The doctor is going to get her out of my belly."
C: "I want to go there."
V: "You'll get to come see her when she's born."
C: "Can we go there right now?"
V: "Are you ready to meet your baby sister?"
C: "Yeah."
V: "We have to wait a little while longer."
Caleb makes a pouty face.  He is ready to be a big brother!


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