Monday, April 28, 2014

Cousin Sleepover

A few weeks ago, Jack got to come over and stay the night!  We packed in lots of fun for the boys and they just had a blast.  I picked Jack up and took him and Caleb to Freddy's to visit Uncle Tyler and get some yummy food.  The boys commanded all the attention of the fellow diners and I got several comments about how cute my boys were.  :)  I even survived a bathroom visit with both of them by myself and it actually went pretty smoothly.  Haha.  :)

We got back to our house and spent some time outside.  They helped Nick get the garden ready.

"I'm just trying to blow baby sister out of your belly."  - Caleb 

After naps, we headed downtown to feed the ducks and get some dinner at Fratelli's Pizza.  

Next was baths and Toy Story 3!  I think this might be one of my favorite pictures ever.

The next morning we took Jack to church with us.  These boys love each other so much and we are so glad they live close enough together to get to do fun things like this.  Precious memories.  :)


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