Wednesday, August 6, 2014

It has been awhile...

I suppose that it is high time that I update this here ol' blog.  A pretty important life event happened.  

Caitlyn Belle Braschler was born May 8, 2014 at 9:37 pm.  She weighed 8 lbs, 1.7 oz and was 19.75 inches long.  She has a full head of hair and is just the sweetest!  

Caitlyn was born on a Thursday and Tuesday was my last day of work.  My awesome husband was ahead of the ball game for Mother's Day and had my mother's day gift waiting for me on Wednesday morning.  It was a keurig - so excited!!!  (I am currently addicted to the iced coffee cups - yep, they exist! But why so expensive??).  We had the day to rest and get last minute things done for company coming and a baby coming!  

We went in to be induced the morning of Thursday, May 8 and most of the day was slow-going.  We went with an induction because my blood pressure had been a little on the high side the few weeks before - ironically enough, my blood pressure was perfect the entire day we were in the hospital and all through labor.  I guess God just knew that she needed to be born a week early!  


We got to the hospital at 5 am, started pitocin around 7 am and got my epidural around 11 am (it was more painful than when I got a spinal block with Caleb - wasn't really expecting that! But I'm still glad I had one).  Slow progress all day.  I was at a 3 around 3:00 pm.  There was slow progress the next few hours.  A cm here, a cm there.  The nurse who was with me all day long was wonderful and her shift ended at 7:30 but she wanted so badly to see me through the delivery and be there for the birth.  She worked slowly on her paperwork to see if I might progress any.  She finally had to leave and my second nurse came.  

Around 9:00 pm, the nurse decided she wanted me to try laying on my side since in her experience, it seems to help move things along.  I was at a 7 right before I laid on my side.  Our families had been popping in and out all day and at this point everyone (both dads, Caleb, Jack, Robyn, Tyler, Jake and Bekah) was in the waiting area.  My mom, Claudia and Nick were in the room with me).  The dads were going to take the boys home to put them to bed but they wanted to come in and pray over me (with Nick and the moms) before they left.  By this point I was shaking uncontrollably all over and starting to be in some serious pain.  They prayed and headed out.  I told Nick I felt like I needed to push and the nurse leisurely came and checked me (she had just checked about 5 min before).  All of a sudden she said, "We have an anterior lip!  Don't push!" and ran out the door.  Well, that freaked us all out.  Ha!  

I really felt the need to push at this point but now I was scared that there was something serious going on.  So I tried so hard to keep this baby in.  Since I didn't know what the heck an anterior lip meant, I thought maybe I would have to have a c-section or something was about to burst or something serious!  I kept saying that I really needed to push so Claudia stepped out in the hallway to tell the nurses.  She heard them on the phone with the doctor asking if he was on his way and how close was he.  They even said, "We'll pay your speeding ticket!"  So apparently the doctor was rushing to get to the hospital and I was seriously needing him to get there!  We later found out that an anterior lip meant that I was at 9 3/4 cm, basically ready for delivery.  The nurse was right about her technique to lay on my side to speed things along!  

By the time the dads and boys were in the parking lot, they got a text from Claudia saying that I was about to start pushing and by the time they got home, changed the boys into PJs and put them down, they got a picture of a baby!  Thank the good Lord that I only had to push for like 15 minutes.  The doctor finally arrived and after a few pushes, she was here!  (I think Caleb cleared a path when he was born. For. Real.).  :)

So, Caitlyn Belle Braschler was born at 9:37 pm!  She has been a great baby, super laid back and just sweet as can be.  She didn't even really cry when she was born and she loved her bath clean up time at the hospital and loves baths even now.  We are so thankful for this miracle baby!


  1. Even though I was there, I love hearing the story again!!

  2. What a great day for such a sweet girl!