Wednesday, August 27, 2014

Maternity Leave and Caitlyn update

I was able to take 6 weeks off of work for maternity leave, starting the day before Caitlyn was born.  It was so nice to have that time.  A lot of the time Caleb continued to go to his "school" to keep his routine fairly normal.  I did keep him several days in the last few weeks of leave and he got to be home the first several days after Caitlyn was born when we had grandparents and Nick home to help.  :)

We discovered when Caitlyn was about 5 days old or so that she has a tongue tie.  Her frenulum (the piece of skin under her tongue, connecting her tongue to her mouth) is extra short and connects at the tip of her tongue, rather than the middle of her tongue.  This seems to run in the family, with Nick's grandma and dad having it.  Well, it does not typically bode well for nursing.  We discussed having it clipped and after a disappointing visit to our local ENT, discussing with other people who either have a tongue tie or have kids with a tongue tie, almost scheduling with a highly recommended ENT in Tontitown, and a variety of other reasons, we decided to not have it clipped.  (If you have a baby with this and have further questions - feel free to ask!)  Anyway, Caitlyn is not a fan of nursing with me, so I've just been pumping.  I made it to my first goal of 3 months!  I need to celebrate short victories to keep me going. :)

Caitlyn has been such a sweet, easygoing baby - much like her brother was.  We have been extremely blessed with good natured babies so far.  When she wakes up during the night it is just to eat and she'd go right back to sleep.  Thank you Jesus.  :)  But when she gets hungry, she is hungry right then and she means it.  We call it her hangry side.  She has loved baths ever since her first one in the hospital.

Caleb is such a good big brother.  The first 3-4 weeks were great, then a 2 week rough patch with him, got a little better and has been really great ever since.  He always wants to help with diapers, make sure Caitlyn has her paci and a blanket, gives her lots of hugs and kisses and tells her she is a cute girl.  :)  He always says, "Hi Caitlyn Be-yelle" (with a southern twang - so cute).  So sweet to watch this relationship grow.  I hope they are always close.

During maternity leave I got to have a couple of playdates which were so fun.  We got to hang out with Robyn and Jack a couple of times, got to go over to Amber, Emerson and Lyla's house, and got to play with Ashton and Kastyn.  The night before Kastyn (a sweet girl from church, just 3 months younger than Caleb) was coming over, I was making dinner and peeked around the corner and Caleb had picked up all of his toys in the living room and his bedroom without being asked!  He said he cleaned up because Kastyn was coming over.  Sweet boy.  Now let's make that a regular thing.  :)

I had great intentions of doing lots of projects that I had put off for a loooooong time while I was on maternity leave, but caring for a newborn (and a 3 year old) sure takes a lot more time than I remembered!  haha.  It was amazing how fast the hours went.  All in all, I am very grateful for the time I got to have away from work.  It is a special time with my girl (and my boy too) and I am fortunate to have been able to have that time.

One day I came around the corner and Caleb had this tube in his hand and he said, "I put gel in Caitlyn's hair mommy!"  Oh boy.

Caleb can write "Mommy" now!

The left is Caitlyn at 6 weeks and the right is of my sister Hollie as a baby.  I think they look alike!

This girl hardly ever cries, but I had to capture her in this cute hat and sometimes you just gotta document the cute crying face.  :)


  1. These pictures make me realize how big she has gotten!!

  2. OMG I loveddddd looking at all these pictures. How sweet!!
    How funny about the 'gel' in the hair. hehe.