Tuesday, August 12, 2014

Playing Catch Up

Here are a few things we've been up to since Caitlyn was born. LOTS of pictures.

Jake's Graduation
When Caitlyn was one week old, Nick and Caleb made a man trip to Wichita for the day to go to Jake's graduation party.  Caitlyn and I were originally planning to go, but it was probably best that we stayed home.  We were glad Nick and Caleb got to represent the family and be there for Jake.  And Caleb talked about the "man trip" for a long time afterward.

Stephanie's wedding
When Caitlyn was 2 weeks old, we headed up to Branson area for Nick's cousin's wedding.  It was so beautiful and we're glad we were able to be there.  Caitlyn did great the whole trip (about 2 1/2 hours), only getting upset (equals hungry - we call it hangry) about 4 minutes from the venue.  Unfortunately I remembered every thing necessary for a newborn baby except for a bottle nipple.  Awesome.  It was quite an ordeal, but we survived and instead of being an hour early which is what we would have been, we ended up being 10 minutes late.  Other than that, it was a wonderful trip with a beautiful bride and got to see lots of family!




Naturals Game
Nick's Uncle Rex was able to get a suite for the Naturals game for the family to go to.  We always love going to these baseball games and this was no exception!  It was crazy cold that night so we were thankful to have the option of indoors!  So fun!

Roaring River/Father's Day
Every year in June, usually around Father's Day weekend, we do a Braschler family get together at Roaring River.  It's filled with lots of family, fishing and good food.  We stayed two nights (kiddos did awesome - even 4 week old Caitlyn).

Fourth of July
For the Fourth weekend, my parents came down and we got to hang out, check out the new whitewater park in town, watch fireworks and play games.  Caleb loved doing sparklers.  We made homemade ice cream and grilled out pork chops.  Yum.  It was a great weekend!

Trip to Wichita & Caleb's week with Grandparents
My parents took Caleb back to Wichita with them on Sunday and he got to spend the week getting spoiled by all of his grandparents and aunts and uncles.  Nick's mom kept him most of the week and my mom kept him part of the week and my sister got to spend some time with him too.  Caleb had a whole day to play with his cousin Zoey and he got to do lots of swimming and playing at the park!  Nana wore him out - he took a couple of 4 hour naps, so you know he had lots of fun.  Nick and Caitlyn and I went up to Wichita that next weekend to pick Caleb up and for Nick to attend a conference his Dad was putting on.  While the Braschlers were at the conference, I spent a day with taking the kids to mom's work, visited my Grandma Goetz and my Grandpa Willis.  I am so glad I had that time with my grandparents.  It was Caitlyn's first time meeting her Great Grandma Goetz (she met her Great Grandpa Willis at the hospital)!  Another day while the conference was going on, my mom, sisters, brother in law and niece all went to Tanganyka Wildlife park.  It was a hot day but lots of fun looking at and feeding the animals.  Caleb also got to go to the zoo with Nana earlier in the week!  That boy loves animals!  I also got to introduce Caitlyn to my college roomie who made her this sweet quilt.  It is made with some fabric from the bridesmaid dress that Emily wore in our wedding.  Makes it so very special.
It was lots of fun and I'm glad we got to have a special week with just Caitlyn (we snuck some dates in there - sleeping baby in tow) and that Caleb got to have a special week with his grandparents.

We have had a full, fun summer and the weather has been AMAZING!  It is keeping this fall-lovin girl very happy.  :)

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  1. AHHH! Love these pictures!! Caleb's all grown up! I can't believe summer's almost over, but hooray for fall! I'm SO ready for some pumpkin anything! Glad you are doing so well!