Wednesday, October 22, 2014


It is my biggest downfall.  I can do a pretty good job of keeping us stocked with clean clothes, but folding them and putting them away?  Whew, that is really asking a lot.  Sometimes, when I get really ambitious and get three loads washed and dried in one day, I have this great idea that I can fold and catch up on some shows on netflix or something.  Except that I am the SLOWEST FOLDER EVER.  Seriously, I have no idea why it takes me so long.  It couldn't be that I get totally focused on the show and completely forget that I am folding laundry.  And it surely couldn't be that I am intermittently checking facebook and lose track of time.  And it definitely couldn't be that I pause for a quick little bowl of ice cream.  Then, all of a sudden it is 10:30 pm and I have no idea what just happened to the last hour.  Or the show I was watching (I am currently working my way through Gilmore Girls on Netflix - I've never seen it! Jess, you'd be proud) ends and I look at my folded clothes pile and there is about half a load and I look at my to-fold pile and it is about two and a half loads.  Well, then I am so tired and ready for bed that I decide tomorrow night will be a much better night for laundry folding.  So, I proceed to leave my piles all over the couch and in the basket(s) til tomorrow.  When tomorrow comes, it is pretty much the exact same cycle.  But there are certain occasions that I actually get it all folded, but then comes the life dilemma of PUTTING THE LAUNDRY AWAY, and who really has the time or energy for that?  I mean, I already got everything clean and even took it one step further and folded it, putting it away is just too hard.

Sometimes when I am really trying to convince myself to stick with it and follow the cycle on to completion (folded AND put away laundry), I will put the folded clothes on our bed because I think to myself, "Self, you will want to go to bed eventually tonight and if you put the clothes on the bed it will make you have to put them away before you get in bed, so you can have room to lay down, right?"  Wrong.  Somehow the clothes magically end up back in the empty laundry basket piled on the floor.  Next morning, the basket gets moved back on the bed and the cycle continues.  How many days are we up to from when the clothes were actually cleaned?  You've lost count?  Me too.  Are they wrinkled?  Probably.  Better wash them again.  Kidding.  ...Sometimes.

Whew, are you as worn out as I am?  Mom, Claudia?  Would you like to come for a week and do my laundry?

Now you have all lived through the laundry saga at the Braschler house.  I'm so sorry.  And please feel sorry for my poor husband.


Disclaimer: Nick is super awesome about helping with laundry on a regular basis.  Also, I am so very grateful to have clothes to wear and a washer and dryer to clean them with.  Just felt like "airing my dirty laundry" with a funny post.  Haha - see what I did there? ;)
And don't even get me started on ironing...


  1. haha!!! Thanks for the laugh. Except I can't leave my laundry out. Anywhere. Ever. Because my kids think they are like leaves, only meant for piling together and jumping in! Or I find Lydia running around with three of my shirts on she managed to get over her head but can't get off. Kids!

    1. Haha, Katherine! We've definitely had our fair share of clothes strewn about, but mostly Caleb is pretty good about leaving them alone. :)

  2. I'm very proud! I love laundry, so I'll come do your laundry and you watch Gilmore Girls!

    1. Jess, you've got yourself a deal!! ;)