Wednesday, December 31, 2014

Crazy Work

Work has been crazy this year!  We are busier than we've ever been.  November and December have been the busiest months and it looks like it will just continue to stay busy.  The lovely IRS changed a law that will make us have to do a lot of extra work.  Hooray.

I am thankful for my job, but ready for it to slow down a bit!  Maybe we can breathe a little easier after year end, but we will still have plenty plenty plenty to do.  Nick has been extra helpful this week as I have had to stay late and work from home pretty late.  Whew!

Random Fall

In October, I took a road trip to Wichita with the kiddos and our nephew Jack (to let his parents have some focused packing time).  Nick was planning to come, but stayed behind to help Tyler and Robyn pack up for their move.  While we were there Caleb, Caitlyn and I went to the pumpkin patch/corn maze with my parents, sister Hollie and niece Zoey.  

We went out to dinner with the family and my Grandma.  :)

On Saturday, Tyler and Robyn had made it to Wichita and on Sunday we had lunch together with Nick's parents.  A cousin picture before they had to go!

Caleb has been helping Nick with the calves this fall.  

In September at work, we had our first office tailgate throwdown.  You could make teams and either participate in the cubicle/tent decorating or in a cookoff.  Here are some of the decorating participants.

This is my area.  We had a tent to put up, but our ceiling was too low!!  We had to improvise at the last second.  We went with a Siloam Springs Panthers theme.

There was SO much delicious food!  It was such a fun day and I hope they continue to do it every year!!

Caitlyn Belle at church.  :)

Pumpkin carving!!  

In October, Nick and Caleb got to go up for his Aunt and Uncle's annual farm work day.  I wanted to come so badly, but I think we stayed home because Caitlyn had hand foot and mouth if I remember correctly.  

I love fall and we got to do a lot of fun things this year!