Tuesday, December 30, 2014

Caitlyn Belle - 4 Months

Ok, so I have had several posts ready for months and months and kept putting them off because I hadn't added any pictures!  So here is the first of many posts all at once.

This sweet girl is 4 months old (actually she is now almost 8 months old - told ya I was behind - but it was written when she was 4 months old and I want to capture these memories)!  Unbelievable!  Here is a glimpse at Caitlyn Belle as a 4 month old (so I can remember!):
- smiling and cooing when people talk to or look at her
- working on tummy time - getting pretty good!
- moved to crib at 2 months
- eats once a night and goes right back to sleep, but been sleeping through the night mostly this week!  about 9 pm- 5:30 am (we feed her at 10:30 one last time - she pretty much sleep-eats, but it seems to get her through til morning!)
- loves to kick
- eats about 3-5 oz at a time
- size 3-6 month clothes
- just finishing up the last of size 1 diapers then will move to size 2
- 2 month checkup: 12 lbs, 66%; 24.5 inches long, 99% - she has grown 4.75 inches in 2 months!
- 4 month checkup: 14 lbs, 55-60%; 26 inches long, 90%
- she's a paci girl when she wants it, but doesn't seem to want it all the time
- I love to put bows on her!
- loves bath time - has since her first one in the hospital
- Daddy's girl
- loves watching big brother
- easy going
- hangry - doesn't hardly ever cry unless she is hungry.  She'll give a few warning noises, but when it's time, she means it!
- She has had sensitive eyes since she was born (gets it from her mama, sorry girl).  There is no ladylike way to describe her eye stuff so I'll just leave it at that.
- almost giggling
- rolls to side, has rolled over maybe twice(?) from back to tummy
-  has found her feet
- watches us, getting more and more eyes for mommy.  :)
- daycare says she likes to be awake most of the day - only takes tiny little cat naps, doesn't want to miss out on anything
- grasping at things and toys


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